Play Ludo Now Using these Guides to Earn More Rupees

Play Ludo

Play Ludo Game Online, an adaptation of the popular board game, is a beautiful way to break the ice with new people. It is popular in India and features two-to-four players, known as parchisi.

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The advent of Ludo Game Online can be attributed to the rise in the popularity of online gaming. Anyone who appreciates the online board game Ludo will find this interesting. Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about the basics of the game Ludo, including how to play it.

Game Board Layout for the Web-Based Version of Ludo

The online Ludo board is simple to assemble. The four possible color combinations represent the possible player counts (up to four). The design is centered on a cross with four arms reaching out from it. Each part is thick enough to hold three squares.

Since white indicates a starting point, the rest of the grid is colored to depict the locations of the various events. The square with the opening lies between the two arms. There’s a button-like gadget with four holes in its middle.

The team may use this spot as their “base.” Each castle is given four pawns, all of which are free to move around the board. A square is formed by the intersection of four triangles at the center of the cross. The paint for each triangle in this diagram is a different hue. The Ludo Game Online board pieces are commonly blue, red, green, and yellow. In Ludo, you win when your pawns are inside your home triangle.

Is There a Way to Play the Ludo Game Online?

In this online version of the classic board game Ludo, you and your opponents take turns rolling a die. The person whose death roll is the highest will often go first. After that, the rotation will move in a clockwise direction. If players roll a six, they are moving away from their base.

After that, the outcome of each die roll determines the pawn’s progression by the number of squares. The pawn must move along the white area bordering all the arms until it reaches a column of the desired color. Here you will find the “home” column. If a pawn reaches the home column, it can enter the home triangle by rolling a 6. When rolling a 6, the player may move an active piece or one of their pawns on the home board.

Despite this, Ludo Game Online’s rules are designed to be challenging for even the most seasoned players. A pawn can only advance to a new square if the dice roll a six. If you miss your turn, it goes to the next player.

If the player maintains rolling 1, the piece will remain where it is until a roll of 6. When one rolls a 6, one is given a second opportunity. If a player rolls a six after the third round, the play moves on to the next player. Your worst fear is that your opponent’s piece will move to a square you’re now occupying and stop there.

If that happens, you’ll be back in the same spot you were in. This rule change greatly enhances the online experience of the Ludo Game. Blocking occurs when a box contains two pieces of the same color. No longer may your opponent’s piece land on or near that square. A piece of a different color may block a square, but pieces of the same color as the square’s defender are allowed to pass. One player wins the game when pawns are in their “home” triangle. In an online Ludo game, all players put money on the table, and whoever wins gets to keep the money.

Online Ludo Game Tactics That Are Frequently Used

In a fight, it’s ideal to end things as quickly and painlessly as possible by knocking out your opponent. If your opponent’s piece is less than six squares ahead of yours, you may send the pawn back to its starting position by rolling the number of the square on which your opponent’s piece currently resides. A new roll can be purchased with either chip, diamonds, or real money in Ludo Game Online, one of the game’s best features.

Thus, if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a die roll, you can roll it again. If you have several pieces left in play and your opponent is in the lead, it is in your best interest to make a move that would checkmate them. This will increase your chances of winning the Ludo Game Online.

Whenever possible, it’s best to land in the home column. This is because your opponent can always knock you out of the game in the home column, regardless of where else you travel. Assuring yourself that one of your articles is so close to winning that it has made it to the home column is a guaranteed technique to build your confidence. This is regarded as the most effective strategy for playing Ludo Games online by amateurs and seasoned pros.

Keep six steps ahead of the pack at all times. The main upside of this strategy is that you can execute up to six actions based on a single die roll. Given how infrequently six occurs, it is safe to assume that maintaining a gap of at least six steps will do the trick. To eliminate you from the game, your opponent must be within six steps of you. In the online version of Ludo, this is the worst possible outcome that can happen.

To prevent harm, it is advisable to retreat and give your opponent the freedom to launch an attack. Put some room between yourself and your rivals whenever you can.

As the saying goes, “information is power,” thus, you must know how to play Ludo Game Online and the best strategies for doing so.