7 Items Every Commuter Needs for Fall

small umbrella

With many of us needing to start commuting back into the office again—at least part-time—you will likely need to get yourself organized once again. You can not simply just roll out of bed and start your work day at home in your pajamas anymore. Instead, you have to get yourself ready, plan your route to work, and bring all the essential items needed to get you through your day.

Commutes can range from a short ten-minute bike ride to an hour-long trek through the city. But regardless of the duration of your commute, there are plenty of ways to make your commute enjoyable. It all really comes down to the items you bring with you so that you can literally be prepared for anything and everything.

From the items you pack into your car to what you put in your backpack, get through the commute to the office in the most pleasant way possible and make the most of your time doing so too. You can not only make the commute your downtime where you can recharge, but equally, make it a productive time where you get your tasks for the day done.

Here are the top items that every commuter needs for the Fall season.

  1. An Umbrella

With the Fall season, it means that you will likely have crisp sunny days or rainstorms to navigate your way through. That is why no matter what the weather forecast says, you should always carry a small umbrella with you. There is nothing worse than getting soaked on your way into the office and having to sit at your desk in wet clothes. A small umbrella will easily fit inside your backpack and be easy enough to find when the rain comes out of nowhere.

  1. A Book

Whether you want to read on a Kindle or from a hardback, having a book for your commute is a great way to kill time and also gain tons of benefits too. Reading is one of the best things we can do to expand our knowledge and vocabulary while also helping us get into a state of flow. If you are a commuter that often relies on public transportation, this is a great way to pass the time and also make sure that other commuters next to you do not disturb you—as they will see you heavily entranced in the book.

  1. Headphones

You will likely want to bust out some tunes both on your way to work and while at work. So make sure you pack your headphones for your commute this Fall. There are so many podcasts and playlists to tune into that will help get you into a productive and positive mindset. The best types of headphones for commutes are the wireless ones, so that way you do not have to deal with chords near your face while on the go.

  1. A Weatherproof Jacket

While having an umbrella on you during the Fall season is important and will come in handy during rainy days, so will have a weatherproof jacket. The Fall season brings a range of weather that does not just include rain, but the wind as well. Protect yourself from all seasonal elements on your commute by always bringing a weatherproof jacket with you. This will ensure that you are comfortable for your workday and show up in a good mood—rather than frustrated because the weather surprised you.

  1. A Backpack

Of course, you also need to get a stylish commuter bag for your journey to and from the office as well. There is a range of styles you can choose from that are designed to fit your laptop, snacks, and anything else that you need for the day. As you will be using this bag quite often, it makes sense to invest in a backpack that is not only functional but stylish and matches your own unique fashion preferences.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

While commuting back into the office has returned for many, Covid has not gone anywhere. Especially if you commute by public transportation, make sure that you bring hand sanitizer and a face mask with you. That way you can protect yourself from getting sick and feel more at ease when surrounded by a lot of strangers in confined spaces.

  1. A Water Bottle

Being on the go means that you are going to need to stay hydrated. Look after your health and always pack a water bottle with you for your commute into the office. For extra hydration, throw in some hydration packets too so that you are able to feel great all day long.


You will easily be able to master your commute into the office this Fall with these seven essential commuter items. From umbrellas to hand sanitizer, you will have all the essentials with you to get you through your workday.