Washington DC Naval Yard Capturing – One More Reason to Purchase Biometric Identification Technology.

At Harvard Service College they educated us that there is constantly possibility in mayhem, and also there is in truth a Chinese sign for crisis and also chance – they are synonymous – it’s the same symbol – as well as there is a factor for all this. Personally, as an entrepreneur I am not one to capitalize on someone else’s misfortune, but if I can solve a trouble and generate income doing it at the same time, I’ll go all out, and also there is nothing incorrect with that. Allow me inform you of a horrific current crisis and also possibility for an industry subsector. Let’s talk.

On September 16, 2013 there was a dreadful capturing at the Naval Backyard in Washington DC where shooters opened fire on employees there. The Washington Blog post ran a story titled; “A minimum of 13 dead in Navy Yard capturing; feasible suspect at big,” by Carol Morello, Peter Hermann as well as Clarence Williams which specified amongst other things, in the follow-up story; “the shooter did not function there, yet had obviously utilized someone else’s ID to get in.”.

There have actually been numerous research study documents and also write-ups, as well as press release driven items on biometric identification. Actually, I take a market profession journal on the topic; “Real ID” therefore it’s a big technology sub-sector. In the Wall Road Journal on September 16, 2013 there was a post, in the Modern technology (added) Area titled; “Keep Secure Without Passwords – New innovation aims to supply protection that is a whole lot more convenient – and much less dependent on memory,” by Andrew Blackman, although this particular innovation isn’t biometrically driven, it shows you where sector, scholastic organizations, federal government, military, and huge corporations are thinking.

Remarkably enough, since the writing of this write-up, there is the Biometric Consortium Seminar today starting on September 17, 2013. You see, the problem is getting bigger and larger. Today, we have much more corporate reconnaissance spies in our nation from China, Russia, Iran, as well as various other places, and we additionally have sleeper cells aiming to trigger damage to the US, as we are still managing Middle Eastern terrorists groups, whose leadership consistently informs them to snap here in your home and also produces hit-lists for their bad doer teams here in the US.

Also, the weakest element in security continues to be humans, and in the safety company we merely call this weak link “social engineering” which is to claim using our social excellent nature against us to infiltrate computer system systems or get accessibility right into structures, for example, a person adds with 2 cups of coffee in their hand as well as asks; “can you hold the door open for me?” and the private permits them entrance without their gain access to card. Basic, and also they in fact instruct these things in spy institutions.

Currently then, all these assorted facts lead me to believe that investment in biometrics is sensible – it’s plainly mosting likely to be a development subsector of security technology. Please consider all this and also think on it.