Top 7 Tips for Getting the Best Prices on Car Rentals

Going on vacation and thinking of renting a car? In this article, you will learn about additional costs that may arise during the rental process and how to ensure a perfect trip without blowing out your budget.

Compare car rental prices

There are several ways to rent a car. The most convenient one is to use a tried and trusted aggregator like Firstly, it represents more than 850 partner companies operating in 170 countries. You have the whole assortment in one place which makes your search faster. Secondly, the service provides round-the-clock support from the beginning of your trip till the end.

You can search a car rental company’s website or install its application on your smartphone. Almost every big company has a website with a catalog, price list, and rental policy, so you will have an opportunity to compare different options and choose the most affordable one. New customers are offered welcoming discounts too. Also, loyal drivers can make good use of loyalty programs and other perks. 

Famous companies like Avis and Hertz feature a network of offices worldwide with a proven quality fleet and risk protection. Given their reputation, the prices are reasonable. International companies like Budget, Europcar, Sixt, and Alamo have a smaller price tag, and the quality of their service is satisfying enough. 

The absolute leaders in terms of cheap car rental prices are local distributors. They work exclusively within the country or even the city. Rarely do they promote themselves online. Even if they do, most of them have rough catalogs and doubtful feedback forms. Renting a vehicle there is a risky business since the contracts are usually dubious and guarantees are shaky.

Ensure the rent in advance

Dragging on with the decision you may lose your bargain. Some companies offer discounts for early or online payment. Cheap cars run out quickly during peak hours and holidays. Therefore, it is worth renting a car at least a week before the trip. As a rule, car rental without prior reservation at a station is usually 30-40% more expensive. 

Go for economy class

Economy-class cars for rent cost much less, but correspond to all safety and comfort standards. They are suitable for daily use, consume less fuel, and require a lower deposit. The smaller the car, the cheaper the rental is. The most affordable ones are subcompact cars with a manual transmission as opposed to automatic ones which are normally more expensive. If the car you reserved is not available, there is a strong chance you will be given a higher-class vehicle. The rental station doesn’t have the right to cancel the rent or add an extra charge if you have a reservation.

Take out insurance 

Insurance is the next important point. The rental price often includes only the basic package, and the client is offered to expand the set of options for a fee. Some aggregator sites provide a full package that covers the deductible, damage, towing and key replacement, and other force majeure. In general, the choice of insurance depends on the situation. For example, if you are in a country with a high crime rate, it makes sense to pay extra for security.

Save up on additional options

Optional things like a child seat, second driver, GPS navigator, extra wheel, can blow your budget. If you have a child it’s not worth risking its safety. It is also not to say that a substitutional wheel is useless on long trips. However, there is no dire need for GPS since you can download google Maps and track your route. 

Rental rates

The rental car rate depends on the season, trip duration, availability of a discount program, and other factors. Check out the current companies’ offers. Perhaps you will find a suitable one for you.Prices usually plunge on weekdays and during the cold season. There are also discounts on specific car models, as well as plenty of bonuses for regular customers.

Shared rental

Some car rental companies allow you to issue different attorney powers for one car. It means you can rent a car for two or three people by dividing the rental amount. It is important to note that the responsibility for the car in case of damage lies with the driver who signed the contract. 


The cost of car rental depends on class, power, season, and rental period. A long-term rental is most advantageous. When traveling with friends, it is better to drive in one car and divide all expenses. When ordering additional options, consider whether you can do without them. For example, a good paper map or navigation in your smartphone will replace a rented GPS navigator. Add to the rental car’s price the cost of gasoline, parking, and road tolls. Don’t break the rules to avoid fines.