Things to Consider When Assessing Your Company’s Auto Transport Partner

In the United States, there are about 500 auto transport businesses, and almost all of them claim themselves to be the best in the industry. Selecting a carrier business for transportation can be difficult and have long-term effects. Hence, you must take time to analyze and evaluate each of your choices because there is so much on the line.

This should be done before choosing a shipment partner that will best satisfy the capacity and supply chain requirements of your company.

Carrier Options

Your car can be transported using a multi-carrier, enclosed carrier, or open carrier by an auto transport company The most popular and inexpensive carrier choices are multi and open carriers. These carriers expose your vehicle to elements like the sun, rain, and dirt. Still, if you have a luxury vehicle and want to transport it with extra care, choose an enclosed carrier. A transportation firm with several carrier options signifies how established they’re in the industry.

On-time Service

 A good auto transport company picks up the shipment and drops it at a given location on time. Irrespective of where the shipment is moving to, they should be able to deliver it on time. Though we can give them the benefit of doubt during unpredictable climatic conditions like snow or heavy rainfall, or sandstorm, mostly they should be able to keep their word. This can be evaluated by asking for their track records and references for feedback.

Ship A Car, Inc. is known for its on-time delivery and largest network of carriers. No matter what kind of vehicle you want to transport, their team of professionals is well-trained to deliver them at any location. Their 24 hours of customer support keeps track of the shipment and updates their clients until it reaches its destination.

Cancellation Policy

Ask if they allow customers to cancel bookings due to certain unexpected circumstances. Request an explanation of the withdrawal policies. Some auto transport companies offer flexible plans with no cancellation fees.

Other businesses will reduce their prices somewhat, but they will make up the difference if you book an appointment with them in the future. If a business has a special termination policy, make sure to write down the details of the policy.

Claim Process 

Though auto shipping companies are always cautious on roads, long-distance routes are unpredictable and can cause accidents or damage to your vehicle. Find out if they have a claim section, and how quickly claims are settled. It’s crucial to maintain contact with your logistics provider throughout this process because it can be incredibly stressful.

Registered Company

Needless to say, you always need to work with companies that are registered and licensed. Ask for their DOT number and their Motor Carrier Number. Enter these numbers on the FMCSA and you will find complete details of the company, only if it is the original number. Check all details that you’re looking for and confirm their authenticity.

Many companies may lure you with the cheapest quotation. Stay away from such companies because they may have several loopholes. However, that doesn’t mean expensive companies are always up to the mark. Hence, do your homework, and research well before signing the deal.