Thermage – The Best Treatment for Collagen Production

There is no need to quietly accept the signs of ageing as today, there are good treatment and products available that can help us look younger. As we age, skin laxity becomes a common problem that affects the way we look.

This is caused due to naturally broken collagen fibres, which affect skin elasticity resulting in wrinkles, sagging skin, and unwanted facial lines. All these can make you look much older than you are.

Thermage is a non-invasive and safe laser skin tightening treatment that is clinically proven to tighten, smooth, and shape your skin to give it an instant youthful look. This treatment stimulated collagen formation by using radiofrequency energy.

What is laser skin tightening treatment?

Thermage is a procedure that delivers radiofrequency energy with low amplitude that is focused on selective areas thereby, causing an increase in skin temperature. The formation of collagen is considered the first advantage of this treatment.

The specific intensity of heating damages the skin tissues thermally, which in turn triggers changes in collagen in the skin’s deepest layers including the subcutaneous tissue. Clinical studies have shown that this cosmetic surgery can tighten, smooth, and contour your skin.

Where to get the best laser skin treatment done?

The best place to get this laser skin treatment is Retens, located in the centre of Tsim Sha Tsu, Hongkong. This cosmetology centre offers comprehensive medical aesthetic services by introducing the world’s top advanced medical instruments and original products. They use the latest generation of Thermage FLX that can instantly lift, makes the skin firm, and reduces wrinkles in just one treatment. Visit Retens for improving fine lines and skin texture to get a youthful appearance.

How does the procedure work?

Your cosmetic specialist will push a handpiece with a flat tip onto the targeted treatment area to transmit radiofrequency energy directly to the deeper layers of your skin. The targeted part of the skin gets heated and tightens any existing collagen which gradually encourages your skin to produce more collagen. The treatment procedure can last for 45 to 90 minutes.

You might expect a cooling sensation when the handpiece is pushed against the skin but that will also be for a brief moment. However, this cooling sensation prevents the release of radiofrequency energy from burning your skin. Once the energy waves are delivered, you will feel a warm sensation.

Benefits of laser skin tightening treatment

Laser skin tightening treatment has shown amazing results for patients, including enhanced skin texture, decreased or softened wrinkles, and a more defined jawline contour.

There are many other benefits of the treatment too that make it superior to other cosmetic procedures:

  • The results are focused as your cosmetic specialist can precisely treat problem areas resulting in a better and more defined outcome.
  • It is non-invasive which makes it much safer and less painful than facelift surgeries.
  • There is no recovery period as you can return to your normal routine shortly after the treatment.
  • It is effective on all skin types and can be used on other facial and body parts.

熱瑪吉 is fast, produces instant results, and improves your skin over time. Go for it to enhance your skin texture and get back that young look.