Mist Filters: What You Need To Know

Mist Filters

If you follow a lot of photographers on Instagram, your feed must be filled with dreamy-looking photos that instantly transport you to the cinematic world. These photos are everywhere, whether it’s a street portrait of a ballerina or a fashion shoot on the cover of a high-end fashion magazine.

If you have ever wondered while looking at the photos, “how do they do that?” Then, here are some secrets revealed to you.

Lens filters can improve your photos by adding light flares, eliminating glare, adding more vivid colours, and more. One such filter is the pro mist filter, perfect for achieving your shots’ dreamy, film-like look.

What is The Difference Between Mist and Pro Mist Filter?

It is common to have this question when purchasing a mist filter before you understand how to use a mist filter or when you should know the difference between a pro mist and a regular mist filter.

Generally speaking, the pro mist has a stronger effect. Since the mist filters are used to soften the hard edges of the photo to give a dreamy look, it makes the highlights and bright objects in the frame look prominent. You get a very cinematic effect.

The pro mist offers all the benefits of a regular mist filter and works better to soften the excess sharpness in photos. This is why pro mist is more popular.

One thing to remember about pro mist is it blooms the highlights; as a result, the photos do not have light flares. The filters are available in different strengths. Depending on the effect you desire, choose the appropriate filter.

When to Use a Mist Filter?

Photographers cannot expect the desired results from the same lens everywhere. In some situations, a street photographer using mist filters can only get good outputs. For instance, a mist filter can give excellent results if the subjects are primarily portraits. But if you want to capture people in motion or events, then the dreamy look in the photos won’t do justice to the frames.

Here are a few situations to remember when using a mist filter.

  • Shooting Portraits:Mist filters can beautifully enhance portraits by minimising wrinkles and blemishes and softening the appearance to give a smooth look. Whether it’s just a headshot or a full-body shot, mist filters can do wonders. It also creates a light glow around highlights and reduces the overall contrast of the image.
  • Shooting Cinematic Videos:If you want to achieve a film look in your videos before the post-production stage, shooting with mist filters can do the trick. The filter can add a natural glow, lightens highlights, and gives a subtle, film-like look.
  • To Get Vintage Effects:If you want a smooth effect with lots of light, reflection, and a faded look, use the filter for photos and videos. This filter is a common choice for cinematographers and photographers to get the vintage effect.
Concluding Thoughts on Mist Filters

Mist filters are inexpensive to get that dreamy, ethereal look in all photos and videos. Using a pro mist filter correctly can give excellent results, whether a summer shot in natural daylight or an outdoor shoot under the streetlights.

If you need clarification about whether the filter can give you the results you desire, well, the only way to find out is to take your lens and focus on subjects. Feel free to invest in other filters to experiment with the results and take your Instagram by storm!