Let’s talk about your core

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You are constantly engaging your core when you stand up, walk, climb those pesky stairs, bend, and even when sitting. The core muscles provide support to your back, and therefore, keeping them strong is very important.

If you have weak core, it means that you will have greater complaints of backache and neck pains. Weaker muscles are also less more likely to run into problems like spasms.

 Furthermore, weak core also means weaker support for your back, which can lead to balance and coordination issues. The risk of injuries also runs greater then, meriting intervention from an Orthopedic Surgeon in Karachi then.

 So, it is important that you make core strengthening the core agenda of your workout routine.

The benefits of strong core
Better balance

While young people might not run into balance problems very often, it is when you are slightly older that balance becomes challenging. Poor balance cannot only make your gait precarious, but it also increases the risk of injuries. If your bones are weak or the fall forceful, it can also then mean fractures as well.

Core exercises make the muscles that support the spine stronger, so, there is lesser issue of balance as well.

Better exercise performance

If you are into fitness, then core exercises are a must for you. These help in improving your form, so your performance becomes better. Furthermore, stronger core also helps in better movement as well, which is helpful for preventing strains or injuries.

Improved posture

Your posture has a very important role to play in your wellbeing. A poor posture puts a lot of stress to your spine, which can then increase the risk of injuries and aches.

Doing core exercises can help in improving your posture. It also is a preventative measure for neck and back pains, which are common complaints for those who have to sit and use screens for longer periods of time.

Lesser complaints of pains

Anyone who has suffered from backaches can vouch for how disruptive they are. Not only does one have to contend with the pain, but since back involves broad set of muscles, it also means it hurts almost everywhere. Finding a comfortable posture is extremely hard. And as you need your back to do literally everything, your life comes to a standstill.

However, if you work on your core muscles, the chances of running into a back pain are lesser.

Some helpful core exercises to try

Nothing gets your core muscles working like the good old planks. While they are simple to do, they are in no way easy to do. When doing planks, posture is of utmost importance; you should not let your abs sink but hold them taut. You can also mix planks with jump planks and side planks. These challenging variations help you build a stronger core.


Similar to planks in terms of posture and challenge are push-ups, however, since they involve building upper body strength as well, they can be more challenging than planks. You can start out with beginner friendly push-ups by going on your knees, and then slowly build your strength. For variations, you can also try exercises like bunny hops as well.

Abdominal leg lowers

Abdominal leg lowers not only engage your core, but your leg muscles as well. To do them, lie on the mat, with your neck and shoulders in neutral position. Then, bend your knees, and slowly lift them up straight. Your body will be hinged at your hips. Go back to the initial position and repeat. Make sure to keep your movements slow and core engaged.

Work of caution

You should always be careful when exercising. Do a warmup and cool down routine, always. Listen to your body, and do not push unnecessarily. If you sustain any injuries, report them timely to an expert like the Orthopedic Surgeon in Islamabad, as otherwise, issues can get worse.