Here Is How You Can Ruin Your Document by Not Choosing A Translation Company!

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Many startups trying to enter a foreign market with a different language know the importance of translation, but they don’t know that translation is not just the word-to-word conversion of a document from one language to another. This is why they either turn translation into a DIY expert or choose one of their employees who claims to be a linguistic expert. 

Furthermore, many companies think that there is no need to invest in translation services when they have free translation tools like Google Translation. Well, free tools like Google Translation are good when you need to say ‘Hi’ to your friend in Spanish, but when it comes to a professional translation like the translation of marketing or legal documents, they don’t do well. 

Even a single error in the translated document can be detrimental to your company, and you will be left gripping about your decision to keep document translation in-house. But if you still need convincing about choosing a translation company, here are the common mistakes you will make by not selecting a translation company.

Not Paying Attention to Tonality
Language is a highly versatile medium. It is used for every type of interaction possible on the planet. The same language is used for different purposes and has different registers. This is why a lot depends on what the speaker is trying to say. 

Even the same word can have two to three different meanings, and all this boils down to the text’s tone. For example, a casual conversation between two best friends will be completely different from a news reader, which most people need to remember while dealing with a traductor oficial

During translation, a professional translator always keeps tabs on the tone of the source language and then uses it as a reference while translating the document. This ensures that even after the traductor oficial, the text doesn’t lose its tonality.

Treating Numbers As Just Numbers
While dealing with professional documents like legal papers, research papers, or contracts, you are bound to come across many numbers, dates, facts, and figures. Numbers play a crucial role in every official document, and there is no room for error. It is necessary to remember that every language treats numbers differently, but you can know what the number is trying to tell or what its format should be in the targeted language if you are not a professional translator. 

In many cases, the format for dates is different, while in other cases, the units used for measurement are different. A professional translator offering traducciones certificadas always fathoms the nature of the number first before moving on with the translation, and that’s how you get 100% accurate translation. Without a professional translation, making number-related mistakes becomes inevitable. 

No Knowledge of the Culture
It doesn’t matter which type of language you are dealing with or what type of document you are handling; there is no way one can translate anything without context. 

Around the world, every language has its own unique interpretation among its native speakers, so understanding cultural differences becomes imperative for successful translation. You can take the simple example of the word Desert, which has a different meaning for Palestinians and Maya people. 

But since your so-called native speaker who works as an accountant in your company does not know the cultural differences, he will keep moving on with the word-to-word translation approach. This is why a professional translator offering traducciones certificadas becomes crucial. 

No Proofreading
Even the most experienced translators working in the industry for more than ten years get their translated documents checked by a team of proofreaders for errors. But since you will be relying on a single linguistic expert, he will be the editor, proofreader, and translator, increasing the chances of mistakes in your translated document. 

Whenever you search for traducciones certificadas near me, keep in mind that translation companies use an entire process to offer world-class translation service, and proofreading is a crucial part of this process. 

With proofreading, there is a way to identify mistakes; thus, while dealing with legal or marketing documents, things will go smoothly. By the time you realize your mistake, the damage will have been done, and there is nothing you can do about it.

The translation is complicated; a company can only do it with professional translators. But instead of hiring a full-time translator, one can avoid costly mistakes by choosing a good translation company with the best translation company and the best translators, editors, and proofreaders.