Evaluate the Cheapest Home Warranty Plans

Cheapest Home Warranty Plans

Home warranty plans provide numerous benefits to a homeowner for a variety of reasons.  Home warranty plans vary with what they cover and their rates, but they always provide protection. Home warranties will assist with the costs for the replacement or repair of household appliances and electrical systems. It is better to go with the cheapest home plans.

Nobody should buy a home without heavily considering plans that are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of a homeowner. Eventually, appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, plumbing systems, and air conditioning systems can suffer malfunctions. Fixing those issues out of pocket can cost hundreds of dollars and someone’s safety if the person doing the repairs is not well trained.

Although home warranty plans are essentially a security blanket that keeps a homeowner from having to replace broken appliances themselves, the warranty has costs too. These package deals are usually divided into monthly payments. The type of house, what is in the house, and other factors will determine the price of a warranty plan. Here are a few affordable home warranty plans.

Cheapest Home Warranty Plans

Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty has a superior cost-to-coverage ratio with emergency servicing available. Currently, the first month is free, followed by 50 dollars off the next bill. When committing to this plan, no home inspection is required, and they have over 150,000 well-trained and pre-screened technicians. A homeowner will only pay 50 dollars a month for Choice, which is nationwide.

American Home Shield Warranty

American Home Shield has been around for over 50 years and has an excellent feature that allows household owners to pick their service fee. This warranty plan also has over 100,000 will refined contractors and requires no home inspection. American Home Shield offers generous coverage caps and will cover up to 6,000 dollars’ worth of household items. Homeowners are expected to pay 30 to 70 dollars a month with this plan.

Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty currently has a sale offering two months for free. Their monthly plans range from 15 to 50 dollars a month and are also nationwide. This plan got the best value ratings throughout multiple review sources and offers a 90-day repair guarantee which is way more than the standard amount of days.

Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard was rated the number-one home warranty in America for two years in a row. No other home warranty plan like this one offer 200 dollars off, the first two months free, and free roof leak coverage. With Liberty Home Guard, a homeowner can start paying a dollar per day with zero commitment.

Going for a cheap home warranty plan with the top premium coverages may take some digging around, but these three warranties are a good start. Paying for an expensive warranty plan sometimes isn’t necessary, especially when the same quality benefits are included in more affordable ones. Handling a mortgage and keeping up with other activities within a home is enough as it is. It’s best for a homeowner to do themselves the favor of reducing financial stresses, which will lead to more happy families.