Automatic Swimming Pool Covers: The Best Choice For Your Backyard

Retractable pool covers

Swimming pools are a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. They can also be very expensive to maintain, as they require plenty of maintenance and cleaning. And if you’ve ever been stung by a swimming pool net, you know how painful it is!

Automated Pool Covers

If you’re looking for an economical and automated way to protect your backyard pool from the sun and weather, automatic swimming pool covers are the best option. These covers work by automatically opening and closing to keep your pool area cool and comfortable all day long. Plus, they’re easy to use and require no maintenance – making them a great choice for busy homeowners. Here are some of the best automatic swimming pool covers on the market:

  1. The Automatic Pool Cover Company’s Swing-A-Cover: This cover is designed with an adjustable hinge that allows you to customize its coverage. It also has an alarm system that signals when it’s time to reopen the cover for the next day.
  2. The Sunny days Cloud 9 Automatic Pool Cover: This cover features a high-capacity netting system that provides maximum protection from rain, sun, wind, and debris. It also has a built-in heating system that keeps your pool area warm all day long.
  3. Aqua-Lift’s Freedom Series Automatic Pool Cover: This cover is made out of durable vinyl material that offers long-term protection against weather conditions and UV rays. It also features an automatic opening/closing system and an alarm system that alerts you when it’s time to open up the cover.

Types of Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

There are a few different types of automatic swimming pool covers available on the market today, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. 

The solar blanket is the most popular type of automatic pool cover because it’s easy to use, affordable, and efficient. It works by using solar energy to keep the water warm, allowing you to swim without having to worry about the cold water. The downside is that the solar blanket can be difficult to install, and it can be affected by wind and sun exposure.

The solar cover system is also the most expensive option, but it’s also the most reliable. This type of cover uses panels that are installed on the roof of your pool. The panels capture sunlight during the morning and evening hours, storing the energy in batteries, which then powers an electric motor that pumps water into the pool. This system is more expensive than other options, but it’s also easier to install and maintain.

The mesh cover is another popular type of automatic pool cover because it’s lightweight and easy to move. It works by suspending a net over your pool decking with metal wires that are connected to springs. When heavy rains or snowfall cause water levels in your pool to rise above the netting, pressure causes the springs to push up against the wire mesh, closing off your pool automatically. This type of cover is easy to set up, but it doesn’t work well in windy conditions or when there’s significant rainfall outside.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

There are a few benefits of using an automatic swimming pool cover. 

It can keep your backyard area clean and free from debris. This is because the cover automatically removes any water or debris that accumulates on the cover, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

It can prevent your pool from becoming damaged due to weather conditions. This is because the cover prevents leaves, branches, and other debris from accumulating on the surface of the pool, which can cause scratches and other damage. 

By keeping your pool protected from weather conditions and debris, you will likely avoid having to pay for repairs or replacement costs due to damage caused by weather conditions.

Uses for a Retractable Swimming Pool Cover

Retractable pool covers can be a great investment for your backyard. Here are some of the best uses for a retractable swimming pool cover:

  1. Keep Your Pool Clean: It is perfect for keeping your pool clean and debris-free. When the cover is closed, the pool is inaccessible to children and pets, which keeps it clean and sanitized.
  2. Protect Your Pool From Weather Damage: It can protect your pool from weather damage. When the cover is closed, the water inside the pool remains warmer than outside temperatures, which helps keep the liner flexible and prevents cracking or splitting.
  3. Enjoy The Pool All Summer Long: It can keep your pool open all summer long, allowing you to enjoy it all season long without having to worry about repairs or water loss.
  4. Increase Your Home’s Value: A well-maintained and attractive backyard with a retractable swimming pool cover can increase your home’s value by drawing in more potential buyers.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Pool Cover?

When purchasing a pool cover, it is important to consider a few factors. First, what type of cover will best fit your needs? There are automatic swimming pool covers available in a variety of materials and sizes. Some covers are designed to be removed and replaced seasonally, while others are designed to be installed permanently. 

Second, how much protection do you need? Automatic pool covers provide both weather protection and security for your pool. If you only need limited weather protection, a less expensive model may suffice. Conversely, if you require complete security, a more expensive cover with features such as an alarm system may be the better choice.

Finally, how often will you use the cover? If you plan on using the cover only occasionally or during inclement weather conditions, a less expensive option may be sufficient. Conversely, if you anticipate using the pool frequently throughout the year, an investment in a higher-quality cover may be worth your while.

Protecting Your Investment 

Swimming pools are a favorite summer pastime, but they can also be a costly investment. It can help protect your pool from damage and cost you less in the long run. Here are four reasons to invest in an automatic swimming pool cover:

  1. They Save You Money on Pool Maintenance:

Pool maintenance is one of the most common costs associated with owning a swimming pool. Automatic covers help keep your pool clean and free from algae growth, which reduces the need for regular cleaning and repairs.

  1. They Protect Your Pool From Damage:

Automatic covers protect your swimming pool from rain, snow, sun, and debris. In fact, studies have shown that automatic covers can reduce the amount of damage done to a pool by up to 90%.

  1. They Reduce Water Loss:

An uncovered swimming pool loses up to 10 gallons of water per day due to evaporation. An automatic cover helps reduce this loss by trapping moisture and preventing it from escaping into the atmosphere. This can save you money in the long run as it will reduce the need for additional water treatment or replacement of your filter system.

  1. They Are Durable and Reliable:

Most automatic covers are made out of durable materials that will last for many years without needing replacement or repair.