5 Strategies When Shopping for the Perfect Granite or Quartz Countertop

How do you know that you will make the right choice when selecting new countertops for your Morehead City home or business? The professionals at Onslow Stoneworks offer up these savvy shopping tips, so you can make a more confident selection.

1. Bring Your Samples with You to the Countertop Showroom

Your new granite countertops will not live in a vacuum. Hold samples of your cabinets, tile, flooring, and paint up to the chosen slab of stone to see how all the textures and tones will work together in your home. Quartz offers small samples you can take with you while shopping. Granite does not.

2. Think About How Your Family Uses Your Kitchen Countertops

For a busy household that is always making a mess in the kitchen, you will want a quartz or granite that helps minimize the look of clutter. Your forever vacation home may feature a stunning white kitchen that invites a simple clean stone with minimal visual activity. Imagine how your serving ware and appliances will complement one of the largest surfaces in your home.

3. Speckles and Veins Help to Hide Crumbs and Spills

For rental properties or businesses, selecting a granite that is loaded with flecks and specks creates a neutral countertop that hides small messes while maintaining an elegant appearance. Sleek slabs with minimal color variations are excellent for highlighting fine china, crystal chandeliers, and colorful centerpieces.

4. Be Open to Inspiration When Exploring All the Quartz and Granite Countertop Options

You may have an image in your mind of how you expect your kitchen or bathroom countertops to look, but you haven’t seen all the choices of gorgeous granite and quartz that are available yet. Take more than a few minutes to explore all the possibilities on display at the countertop showroom. There may be a specific piece of stone that will turn your design on its head while dazzling your soul for years.

5. Ask Your Sales Associate About Highlighting Inclusions and Veins in the Final Cut

Are you in love with that wave of contrasting stone centered in a particular piece of granite? If that feature is the reason you are choosing that slab, make sure to speak with the sales and fabrication technicians, so you can understand where it will appear in your final design. This prevents your favorite part of the slab from being cut off during the fabrication process.

Visit Onslow Stoneworks in Morehead City for the Best Countertops and Service

The folks down at Onslow Stoneworks on Arendell Street are available to help you make a more informed choice when shopping for your new quartz countertops. Give them a ring or swing by the showroom and discover a world of possibilities to complete your kitchen or bath countertops today.