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Welcome to The Socialvert Society. I’m so excited to have you join us. Get ready for some crazy, awesome group coaching and tutorials, all designed to give you a clear path to success and build a system for more revenue for your romance. Our peer to peer mentoring with romance writers of all sub-genres and levels is second to none. And of course, on the minute marketing news you can actually use!



Mia Harlan - RH Academy

I learned everything I know about insta from Holly. She's been a tremendous help in my journey to publishing and everyone in her group is so kind and supportive and absolutely amazing. Holly's hard working and always there to answer questions and be there for her authors. She is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend her and all the services she offers.


 Join your fellow romance writers in our group romance writing business membership program and transform your writing business from a struggle to a success!

Have you ever thought…

“Romance writing is a saturated market. It’s impossible to sell enough books to earn a full-time living.”

“I can’t charge much for my books because everyone’s looking for FREE!”

“There’s no way my readers will pay $4.99 for a new release.”

“ I need to be on all of the social media platforms or else everyone will forget I exist.”

“I post and I send emails all the time, but nothing ever works.”

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 What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if I had a system that you could use to build yourself a release template that you can plug into time and time again?

What if I told you posting on social media shouldn’t be your first priority and there’s a better way to sell books than solely on socials?

What if you felt confident in your marketing system that it no longer stressed you out when your sales dipped? You had a system that you could implement to increase sales.



Lilith Darville - Dark romance/RH

Holly and her marketing savvy have been a lifesaver for me. She helped me bring focus to my brand and helped develop a marketing strategy. I've seen a welcome increase in sales as we've stepped up my marketing plan. Best of all, she's a lot of fun to work with and highly professional! She's proven to be a must on my book team.


The Socialvert Society offers romance writers a different angle to marketing. We teach systems that work outside of relying on social media. We offer 2 additional bonus lessons per month, that break down the steps you need to take for each release and your backlist to market effectively. With our ongoing Monthly Marketing Master series, this membership program is all you need to start, build and grow a writing business that is as successful as your wildest dreams.

 Let’s Break Down What You’re Getting

Inside your membership, you’ll get…

  • Bi-weekly new and exclusive content just for romance writers that will teach you how to use the marketing tools you know and love. It’s like getting multiple courses all in a one-stop-shopping atmosphere. ($499 value)

  • Members only Facebook Community to get all your burning questions asked and answered by those who have gone before you. ($199 value)

  • Access to group coaching opportunities weekly. ($199 value)

  • Guest lectures from industry experts. ($199 value)

  • Mindset management strategies for unlimited potential.

  • Access to your coach, Holly Mortimer, best-selling contemporary romance author and entrepreneur coach to over 1000 entrepreneurs just like you!

Get in on all this goodness for one low monthly membership cost.

Are you ready to transform your business?

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tabitha barret - multi-genre

Holly is great at keeping up to date with changes in the writing world especially on the technology side of things. She is the first to give us a heads up or a quick break down of the industry changes we will face. She also provides valuable time management suggestions and lessons on email and social media marketing. She focus on business goals and provides personal encouragement feedback on what we are working on individually. I'm new to Holly's courses but I have already learned so much!