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 The Socialvert Society - Announcements

Get excited! The Socialvert Society is launching May 27! This exclusive, members only site is devoted to teaching you how to successfully create revenue with your romance novels…wait for it…without spending your precious dollars on ads! We’ll teach you all the steps to launch your writing business with an emphasis on going wide, but most of the steps can be used to grow your Kindle Unlimited releases too.

Each week, we’ll teach you another step or tool to help you get clarity on how launch your next release and sell your backlist.

We’re on a journey here, not a sprint, but in the end, we’ll get there together.

Before we get started, make sure you join our private and accompanying Facebook Group! We’ll talk LIVE inside and share our successes and challenges.


 Week 1 - Stay tuned for our planning tutorial.

We start the site off with a plan. We’ll be walking through my system for planning. Starting with 12 months and moving right down to a daily plan.

I’ll outline my social media planning process, my email marketing plan and how I get ready for a release. This is the most intense week of the year, but the most important. Do the work once, reap the rewards.