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Squarespace Web Design and Social Strategies For Creatives

You spend the bulk of your time creating social media content, only to watch it fall flat and bring in zero sales, when that whole time, you could have been building your business! 

We’re not your typical social media strategy company. We believe that all businesses have a story to tell and we use social media to make your business SOCIAL, and not just a media outlet.

It’s time to make social media work for you, not the other way around. 

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  • You feel like you’re always posting to the sound of crickets.

  • You’re unsure of how much to post and when to post.

  • You’ve been posting the same type of content for what feels like forever and you know you need a change, but you’re overwhelmed trying to figure out what is going to work.

  • You’re terrified of creating live content and convinced no one would ever want to watch it anyway.

  • You know social media can be effective, but you have no idea where to start.


Imagine what it would feel like to wake up each day without thinking about what you need to post on social media?

You’ll finally be able to learn how to use social media so it stops being a time sink and starts being a revenue generator!


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 You want to use social media to grow your business, but you have A LOT of questions for us!

“How do I know where to put my content?”

“What type of content should I be creating?”

“What platform should I be using?”

“Why isn’t anything I’m creating being liked by more than the same two people every day?”

“Where should I even start with social media?

we know!.png

I know you’ve got a lot of questions and you’re uncertain you really need to hire a social media strategist for something you should be able to manage on your own. 

Here’s what I know. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to veer from the path when life gets busy. You start to get panicked, post content that goes nowhere and you’re right back at the start.

What if someone came into your business and gave you the path, the process, the content. You just plugged and played and watched your community grow?

What if you next levelled it? And we did the plugging for you, leaving you just to play?

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What clients are saying

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Holly is absolutely amazing ... extremely responsive and with exceptionally fast turnaround. She brings a great combination of professionalism, expertise and fun to the business of marketing our romance novels. I love what she’s done with my email marketing and look forward to what she suggests to take things to the next level.
— Lilith Darville, Romance Author
If you’re ready to start treating your writing career more like a business and less like a hobby, join Holly at The Romance Writer’s Marketing Academy! It’s also specifically designed for ROMANCE, which is so helpful! Holly is also incredibly responsive with individual questions, so it truly is a personalized approach— it’s like having your very own coach in your corner!
— Claire James, Romance Author
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