You've written, one, two, hell, maybe you've written twenty-two books, and you're struggling to find a way to get your book noticed amongst the crowded market. You're tired of constantly sinking money into Facebook or Amazon ads, only to watch your results tank after day one.

You're overwhelmed at all the systems and options to promote your romance novel, and you just want to earn more money and have more time to write. The Romance Writers Marketing Academy will give you the tools and the system for finding readers, create more sales and turn your readers into raving fans!

You need to find your tribe and get answers to your questions, and boy, do we have some tribe!

now with the HUGE monthly bonus of templated social media posts, with image suggestions, created and tested exclusively through the academy!

“If you’re ready to start treating your writing career more like a business and less like a hobby, join Holly at The Romance Writer’s Marketing Academy! It’s also specifically designed for ROMANCE, which is so helpful! Holly is also incredibly responsive with individual questions, so it truly is a personalized approach— it’s like having your very own coach in your corner!”
— Clare James, Romance Author

The Romance Writer's Marketing Academy

This is a quick, 5 1/2 module course where we teach you the digital marketing strategies that you'll need to get your book into the hands of more readers and start treating your writing like a business and less like a hobby! We guide you through the crowded and noisy digital marketing world so that you're able to identify the steps that will work for your book sales and begin to apply them right away!

New Bonus Module: Social Media Templates

Spend hours staring at Facebook and Instagram wondering what in the world you should be putting up and instead of something engaging, you go with yet another teaser? We’re adding new social media templates (think Madlibs for romance writers and socials) DONE for you! All you have to do is fill in the customizable blanks. We even have image suggestions! Now you can post to social with ease and zero stress!

I have seriously gotten more out of your group in the couple weeks I’ve been in it than I have from others all of last year.
— Brighton Walsh, Author

We've designed the modules to be simple and actionable. Lessons can be consumed all at once, or a little bit at a time. Doesn't matter, as you've got a lifetime membership!

Each lesson is consumed in video format for a total of 5 1/2 lessons, (I've got a tiny important, 1/2 lesson at the end) with bonus content. Each lesson is delivered in video format with an intro and then any "how to" lessons that may apply. Finally, many lessons come with downloadable worksheets for you to save and use throughout your business life.

Inside the Facebook group, we "mastermind" growing your business, navigating romance marketing pitfalls and review any and all of your marketing methods for a customized coaching experience that is unlike anything you've experienced before. One on one access to professionals, mentors and me, as well as a small group of your peers who have all "been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale". I'll go live for a Q&A once per week. Got an ad you want reviewed? Post it inside the group. Struggling with executing the lessons? Ask inside the group for additional help. We're inside the group all the time. This is the ONLY place you can get personal coaching while moving through the course curriculum! Tag me, and I answer. It's a simple as that!

What it boils down to is, you're not in this alone. I'm passionate about romance writing and helping authors get their books in the hands of readers! You get one on one coaching with me, without paying the rates I normally charge for coaching! As much or as little as you need. This doesn't exist ANYWHERE in the romance writer world!

Want a sneak peak at what the modules will contain?


Module One

  • Creating the foundation - who is your reader and what do they want? *Hint: It's more than a good read!*

  • Understanding your reader's journey to becoming a raging, loyal fan of your work.
  • Eliminating a social media platform...or two. *Pro tip: You shouldn't be on all of them!*
  • Why modern marketing methods will work for us writers and building your first modern marketing funnel. (p.s. We'll also break down what the hell a funnel actually is)

Module Two

  • Email marketing Strategies
  • Email marketing for the win. How to create your frequency, content strategy and segments.
  • 3 steps to successful email marketing
  • Segmentation for Success!

Module Three

  • Your Facebook Ads Foundation
  • 4 Steps for obtaining the elusive organic reach
  • The elements of and how to build an effective Facebook Ad.
  • Creating a customer audience.
  • Creating your ad strategy. We start with Engagement Ads.
  • Creating your first Traffic ad.
  • Split testing on Facebook and why would an author need to do this.
  • Video - Live and Recorded strategies.
  • A deep dive into becoming a Facebook Jedi...ah yeah!

Module Four

  • Instagram for Romance Writers.
  • Creating your consistent brand image.
  • Using Instagram Stories and how to create an effective visual story.
  • Creating a converting Instagram profile and bio.
  • My Favourite IG Apps!
  • IGTV and why you NEED this app!

Module Five

  • Using Pinterest as an author.
  • Changing how you think of Pinterest
  • Creating your first 15 Pinterest boards
  • Linking your covers to your website
  • Using Analytics To Grow

Module Five 1/2

  • Putting it all together
  • The tiny module that could!

Who Am I?

Hey there, I’m Holly! I’m a self-published author and a Digital Marketing Coach for Romance Writers based in the theatre city of Stratford, Ontario. I’m so happy you’re here! To date, I’ve self-published six contemporary romance novels and am in the final stages of writing the seventh. In addition, for over six years I’ve helped nearly 1,000 entrepreneurs grow their businesses with proven marketing strategies in my online courses. And it all began with my passion for writing!

            After penning my first piece on Cleopatra’s many lovers in a high school Ancient Egyptian History class, my teacher immediately asked if I had any interest in writing soap operas. Lo and behold, my dreams of being a romance writer were born! Despite graduating from Fanshawe College with a Music Business degree, I have always loved story-telling. Even as I worked in the entertainment industry, for years I filled countless journals with romantic short stories, dreamy heroes, and exciting plot twists. Little did I know my favourite hobby would turn into a business one day!

            Following my exit from the music industry, I owned a brick and mortar children’s store, where I gained valuable entrepreneurial experience I still teach my students today. However in YEAR, I returned to my love of story-telling full-force and began writing the Murphy series. What makes my stories unique is that they are the perfect mixture of amorous moments, nail-biting suspense, and quirky characters. I love composing a page-turner that allows the reader to unwind, immersing them in a realistic love story of pain, humour, and promise.

            Combining my love of writing and marketing, I have also put together multiple courses and own and operate a digital marketing coaching business. My mission is to teach romance writers how to use social media to increase their sales and cultivate loyal fan bases. My signature course, The Romance Writer’s Marketing Academy, is five and a half modules of marketing goodness based on the results (and income) I’ve generated for my clients. Whether you’re a brand new author or an experienced writer trying to cut through the noise, I’d love to work with you to turn your readers into raving fans!

When I’m not coaching or writing, you can find me curled up with a hot cup of coffee (that I’m still most likely desperately trying to quit), my husband Mike, our two daughters, and our yellow lab, Starz.


Monthly Payment

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$99.00USD/month for 4 months

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Payment in Full

Unlimited, lifetime access to the course and full access to the group coaching experience.

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