Why Instagram Stories Is A Writer's Game Changer Strategy


Oh yeah, I just said that. One look at the title of this blog and you're either going to:

a) click away or,

b) read on.

There are no other options. Do not keep this window open and never come back to it until your computer needs to do a restart, then you are forced to give up on this juicy piece of intel! Save yourself some heartache, just keep reading. It's a quickie, just like we like 'em in Romancelandia.

I'm writing this as I'm supposed to be sitting here writing my third draft of a book I've had "in progress" for almost a year. Sad but true, and now, I'm procrastinating for the last time. I just recorded a series fo 15 second clips for my Instagram Stories and I thought I'd share my reasoning, then get back to writing.

My Top Three Reasons You NEED To Get On The Stories Train.

1) We're mostly solitary creatures, who our readers rarely get a glimpse of. Know the quickest way to make a sale? Get in front of your customer so they can look into your eyes. That's a bit of a problem for us as we sell thousands of books, but we never get the chance to stand in front of each potential new reader, look them in the eyes and build a relationship with them. Until now. You can talk to your readers all day long, entertaining them, taking them along with you to the office, your travels, or even the doctors should you feel moved to (not so secret: I have done this!). There's never been a better time to get in front of your audience, current and undiscovered, and show them who you really are and make them love you even more than they already do.

2) It only takes 15 seconds. Each story is only 15 seconds long...MAX. You can string a bunch together, but you certainly don't have to. Now, the biggest complaint I hear about Facebook Live is, "no one wants to see me yammer on forever. I'm just not that interesting." Well, author friends, I give you the Instagram Story. Surely you can come up with 15 seconds of interesting chitter chatter or just plain text to offer up to your audience. You'd be surprised at how much fun you can have creating a story when it's only 15 seconds long! (Pssst: Inside Romancing The Gram, my latest course offering, we give you a TON of fun and simple content ideas outside of your next root canal! Did I mention it's only $49 right now?)

3) This part of the platform is GROUND FLOOR. Only 1/3 of all Instagram brands are using stories to build their brand and out of those? Only a small percentage are consistent posters. The lesson? If you consistently create stories, even without strategy, you're ahead of the game. With a little bit of strategy? Game Changer.

There's so much more to think about when it comes to your IG Story strategy, I'd love to continue the conversation. Drop a comment with your IG handle and we can trade stories! You can find me here-->  The Socialvert (For all things digital marketing for romance writers) or here--> Holly Moritmer Author  I'm just starting out with my profiles...but am so excited for where this fun and high converting platform is going to take me!

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