Emails That Sell Romance Novels & Create Stark Raving Loyal Readers - Part Two of Three

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Okay, so when we last met, we ran over the four reasons I think email marketing should be your first priority when planning out your marketing strategy. If you haven't read part one, click the button to be magically transported there and join us when you're done!

I'm glad you stuck around. Inside this blog, we're looking at the three keys to successful email marketing. Then, you can look forward to some of my favourite, high converting email ideas for romance writers in the final part of this blog. So, let's get right to it.


Key #1 - Land in your reader's inbox.

Seems simple, doesn't it? However, we both know, it's totally not. There are a few things out there that can completely trip us up. Things like, being designated spam, or promotional in nature. Having the incorrect email address. Using an email service provider that struggles to land in the inbox. You don't have control over all of these things, but you can do a few things to get started on the right foot.

a) If you can avoid it, don't use a gmail, hotmail or any of those "mail" accounts. Purchase your email to go with your domain if you can and your chances of inbox success will grow.

b) Pay attention to your subject line and the first paragraph. These are the areas that are scraped the most for keywords that are flagged as potential spam. Be cautious to hard sell in your subject line and in the first paragraph. 

c) Use a reputable email service provider. I've used many, including the free Mailchimp software to the more expensive Convertkit. I like them both for very different reasons, but my Convertkit emails land in an inbox and are opened more often than my Mailchimp emails. Plus the service is second to none with Convertkit!

Key #2 - Get your reader to open your email.

This is your biggest challenge where you have complete control over how you go about getting the job done. Subject lines can be their own lesson, they're that complicated and interesting. We run over some great subject lines in part 3 coming up later this week!

Subject line trends that are working for authors? Using emojis and headlines that seem to have nothing to do with anything you're about. These are great ways to create both curiosity and to get a potential reader to stop their scroll when your email appears.

By creating a consistent and frequent email service that always offers something of value, your reader will begin to look forward to your emails and open them often!

Key #3 - Get you reader to reply to you.

This one is something a little bit different. Why should you even bother? Well, it goes back to points one and two. When a reader replies to your email, you get flagged as a good option for landing inside their inbox instead of their spam or promotions folder. The email service provider decides that if you're information inside the email is so good that the readers decide to write back, it must be good enough for their inbox. The end. And that, my romance writers, is email marketing magical gold fairy dust. You're good to go and most everything you send that reader from this point forward, as long as it's providing value, consistent and frequent, should catapult over the hurdle of landing in their inbox.


So that's the end of part two. I've got loads of more marketing tips inside our FREE Facebook group. We're only romance writers, so it's a safe place to grow your business while meeting cool writers in your genre. We have live trainings, webinars and so much more, covering only the topic of marketing your romance novel. Request your spot today!

We'll see you inside the final piece of the email marketing puzzle, headlines and what goes on inside that email in part three! See you there!

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