Two Shocking Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Surprise You

This one is short and sweet and so important. For the longest time, I spent every spare dollar and every spare second I had building my audience on Facebook. Finding what I thought were the perfect Instagram pictures. Post after post, failed ad campaign after ad campaign. And I'm embarrassed to say, I only stopped this practice in December. I'm frustrated as hell to realize how much time I wasted, so in the spirit of transparency, here are the two things I've learned.

Keep your website elegant, simple, and free of external links. I scrapped my side bar full of Instagram posts, and I don't have my socials prominently displayed. I have carefully planned and strategized internal and external links, but only to profit generating urls, that I have control over. Stop sending your clients off your website. Take a cue from Facebook, who demotes pages in their algorithm that post links encouraging clients to leave their platform, and stop doing it yourself. Unless of course, you have no alternative. These categories would be e-book sellers who don't host their books on their platform, and even then, you are sending them to a lead page of some sort, or e-commerce sites that sell off of another platform.

This dovetails nicely into the second piece of advice I'm going to give you today. Don't build your business on property that someone else owns. The terms of your agreement can change at a moment's notice.

Putting all your business marketing eggs in social media's gigantic basket? Stop right there. If you're on Facebook, you've surely heard of someone you know getting thrown in Facebook jail, 'cause that's what Facebook can do. Take away your ability to communicate with your followers at whim, indefinitely and without cause.

I have a mentor who built her business on YouTube, until one day, YouTube deleted her account and all five years worth of videos and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, gone, in an instant and no way to get them back and no one to even call to ask for help.

Finally, are you posting on Instagram and wondering why some days your posts are on fire and others, it's only crickets and the double tap love is going elsewhere? Have you heard of something called the Shadowban? Certain hashtag use is now considered clickbait and they are split testing and rotating the hashtags involved and not all of them are words you'd think they'd be banning. If you get shadowbanned, you're usually stuck there for at least 30 days.

So, what do these two tips have in common? Ownership. You own your website, so spend your time building your business on a foundation that is yours to reinforce. While you're at it, throw in a high-converting email list and you're miles ahead of the crowd. Especially when Facebook decides to change the almighty algorithm on you again and you're left wondering what bus just hit your business!

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