When Social Media Goes Left...Head RIGHT To Your Newsletter

The Socialvert (7).png

It’s been happening for a while now, but today, Instagram announced it will be following suit of it’s older sibling, Facebook. Posts that contain “vaguely inappropriate” content will now be suppressed by both platform’s algorithms. Now, this has been going on for a while over on Facebook, but with Instagram, it appeared to be smooth sailing. However, now that ship has sailed and for romance writers, the proverbial ‘writing’ is on the wall. Instagram will soon play by Facebook’s rules!

So, what’s a romance writer to do? Fight against the tide and continue to push their covers, their content, their trailers out? Or, try the “pay to play” game to see if that will get more reach. Give up and walk away? Or, what about pivoting? That old favourite marketing tool that we’ve forgotten is calling to us and the time is right to dive back in deep into newsletter territory.

Social media truly no longer holds the clout it used to for brands looking to grow their revenue by creating content. The days when we could throw up covers, teasers and trailers and expect a decent return on that investment are gone. Even paying for ad space isn’t going to get our images by the suppression police. It’s time writers invested in their email marketing strategy.

I once heard a great quote that I will never forget. It went something like this: “Never build your business on land you don’t own.” Social media is land you don’t own, and you’ve signed a lease that it’s entirely in the favour of the land owner. Facebook, Instagram and all the other social platforms are changing your lease terms, weekly, and brands who still rely solely on socials, will be left behind.

You know what you do own? Your newsletter list and your website. The time has come to focus on building your list and renovating your website to move readers through your funnel, faster and more efficiently. Here are some stats I’ve gathered from Optinmonster.com:

  • 60% of consumers state they’ve made a purchase due to an email they’ve received.

  • Only 12.5% of the same consumers purchase from a buy button on Facebook.

Social media’s average engagement rate is 0.58% (yes, that’s right. Less than 1%!) where email’s sent from an email service provider land in 83% of your list’s inbox. And our industry has a 24% average open rate! So, compare 24% to 0.58% and it’s a no-brainer!

Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be examining the parts of a newsletter that can help you grow your sales. We’ll dive into: Segmenting, Subject Lines, Frequency and more! Of course, if you want to dive in to a quick and convenient FREE email marketing for romance writers challenge, the fun gets started April 29th. Click the button below to register.

For now, let’s cover the basics. How do you build your list? Here are my Top 3 Tips to growing your list. If you’re wide, it’s pretty much imperative you get started, even before you publish your first book!

  1. Website Pop-Up - Got a website? Embedding your newsletter sign-up inside the home page somewhere isn’t enough. You need to create a pop-up that clearly spells out what your reader is going to get when they trade their email for your lead magnet. The pop-up should be strategically placed on a timer, or a scroll.

  2. Back Matter - There’s no question, with ebook specifically, linking to your newsletter welcome sequence with your lead magnet as the hook is essential. Then, let your welcome sequence take care of the rest!

  3. My most favourite trick: Optimize your opt-in page! This one is something that I’d say, almost every brand or writer misses. In the age of email regulations (and trust me, these are going to become worldwide soon) the mandatory double-opt-in is crushing your subscription rate. But what if your secondary opt-in page was a little jazzier? In fact, why not have all of your standard confirmation forms look a little more custom and sound a little friendlier? Take these that I use in my double opt-in for example:

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 4.13.50 PM.png

And then, the confirmation they receive which reminds them why they signed up and gives them a taste of who I am.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 4.13.33 PM.png

So, it might take a little maneuvering through your email service provider (if you’re using Mailchimp…bring snacks as you’re trying to find the area you need to be in. It’s quite the labyrinth.) to create a unique, custom email sign-on experience that both directs the reader to the content they want, qualifies your reader and makes sure they continue to sign up. Here’s a snippet of my initial confirmation sign-up piece. There is a lot missing, but because it’s a bit lengthy with images, I couldn’t screen shot it all. You get the picture.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 4.17.48 PM.png

Okay, so there you have it. We’re well on our way to creating a robust, high converting newsletter that grows and thrives and keeps you away from the day to day challenges social media requires from you.

Want us to do the heavy lifting? We build newsletter welcome sequences, social media profiles and websites for romance writers. Ask us for more information on how we can take this time consuming burden off your shoulders so you can do more of what only you can do, write!