Top 5 SEO Tips For Your Website

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It's 2019. Just in case you are still writing 2018 on your cheques. Wait, do people still write cheques? I might be alone on that one. Wellll, one thing I know almost all people do is use the internet. Actually, 4 BILLION people use the internet EACH DAY. And what do you want to bet, a whole pile of them are searching for their next read? Search Engine Optimization has got to be your new best friend!

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You're done reading. You refuse to look at your TBR, so instead, you do two things. You head to your socials to ask your friends, who read the same stuff you love, what should be your next read? Then, you Google all of the results you get on Facebook and check out the author. Which author do you choose? The author with the website that shines and offers you a glimpse into the mind of the author, or the website that is haphazardly thrown together, has a ton of text on the home page and all the links are broken.

Your readers are heading to the first website. This is the beginning of a 4 part series on building a website that works for you, not against you. Let's get started with SEO.

Search Engine Optimization - What is it and why is it important?

Simply put, SEO is the Big Daddy of algorithms that runs the internet's search engines. Over 70% of those searching are using Google, so from this point, we'll use the verb Google to indicate a search action. The point is, when someone's searching for romance reads, you want to be on that results page.

So, how do you tweak your website to make sure you are? There are not enough days in the year for me to talk about all the methods, but today, I'm giving you my Top 5 SEO Tips.

1) Know your keywords. Start searching for books like yours on Google and see what words give which results. Here are the search results for "romance book". Know the keywords your readers are using to find books like yours and write them down or store them somewhere.

2) Header #1 - Most websites sort your "headers" into numbers. Depending on your hosting platform they start at 1 and head on up to however many. There are only 2 headers you need to worry about and #1 is one of them. Header #1 is typically found in the largest, boldest typeface at the top of your page. It's one of the pieces of your site that is scraped for keywords...however, it's only scraped ONCE. The first header #1 to appear on your page is the header being scraped for keywords.

3) Header #3 - Bet you weren't thinking Header #3 would be the most important header to put keywords into? Forget about Header #2, Header #3 is your new best friend. ALLHeader #3's are scraped for keywords.

4) Mobile-first responsiveness - Plain and simple, the majority of people are now using mobile devices over desktop devices, including laptops. If you site is mobile responsive (shrinks to fit to smart phone size, responsively) then you get bonus points in the SEO game. That's all there is to that.

5) Page Title - This holds the most weight in SEO-land, but is the hardest for personal brands to achieve. This isn't your navigation title, those headings you find along the top of the website to direct readers to get to their options on your site. These are hidden titles behind the scenes and these are 100% scraped and have the heaviest weight in the SEO game. Seen here, the page title is: Romance Book Lists - Goodreads The rest is filler and isn't part of the SEO scrape. Just the page title. This one is the most important and also the HARDEST for authors to successfully make work. Want to know the #1 way to get around the problem of the big sites taking this slot hand over fist?

Come back next week and I'll let you know!

Have a fantastic week writers! I can finally smell spring in the air, can you?


Holly, The Socialvert

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