The Two Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself As A Romance Writer in 2019

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I have a favourite saying. "You must be clear on why you're here." As authors, we're often really caught up in the what we're here for. The how we deliver our product and the who is reading our books. But, we rarely stop to clearly identify the Why. So, I've got two questions for you and I'd love to hear your answers. Once you've answered these questions, my hope is that, the noise that we're all encountering will quiet and our focus will return. You remember that focus, don't you? When you wrote for the first time, with the intention of having your first release hit the best-seller list? Selling thousands of copies? (My hand is so high up. This was, 100% me!)

So for today, it's not about the piracy issues plaguing us, it's not about the big, bad algorithms, it's not about your list, your followers or why getting a BookBub is harder than Grade 9 "new math" (also, something I'm currently fighting with), it's about why we're doing this. Ready?

1. What problem are you solving.

Oh, thought you were just writing books because women love to read romance? Think again. We're clearly not solving world-peace-type problems, but guess what? We are solving problems. Here's mine:

Ultimate, as my ideal reader is a mother, between the ages of 35-55, who's experiencing children who are less needy and is now looking for something more. The problem I'm solving is helping women reclaim their vision for their life. Pretty heavy stuff right? We'll explore what I do with that next week, but for now, see what you can come up with.

2. Why are you a romance writer?

We must never forget why we're here. And cut the bullshit answers. Go deeper. When I coach entrepreneurs in my day-time life, I use the 5 Why Principle. It goes something like this.

Why are you a writer?

Because I like to write.


Because it relaxes me and I'm good at it.


Because I have a good imagination.


I have the ability to close my eyes and go anywhere in my head.


Because when I was younger, I was bullied and it was the only way I could cope with going to school. I put on my headphones, listened to music and took myself to a place that was wonderful and idyllic.

So, why are you a writer? Because I have the need to write stories that give women the chance to travel somewhere else that's their version of idyllic in order to escape the hardships they're facing that day. That, my friends, is why I'm a writer. Those 5 why's were my answers when I went through this exercise.

I'm excited to hear back from you to see what you come up with and how it affects your marketing and writing. Or if it doesn't affect it at all, let me know that too! Just comment below with what you’re feeling. Have a fantastic week!


Holly, The Socialvert

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