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Emails That Sell Romance Novels & Create Stark Raving Loyal Readers - Part 3 of 3

Welcome to the final instalment of my three part blog series where we've been breaking down all things email marketing for romance writers. If you haven't caught parts one and two, you can find them here...and here. Today, we're talking about subject lines and content that converts. So, let's get right to it!

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5 Things Romance Writers Can Do Right Now To Build A Digital Marketing Strategy

We've all done it. We've all sunk a ton of cash into paying a firm to build a blogger tour. We've given into temptation and taken Facebook up on their offer to "boost that high performing post". We've spent countless hours sending ARC copies around town. All of these and more, only to have a blip in sales here and a bump in sales there, but mostly, it's us romance writers pulling our hair out and wondering if more than just our friends and family are going to buy our books.

Let's get real, it's a noisy market. More than ever, writers are getting into the game, so we have create a strategy that's air tight in order to cut through the noise. For too long, romance writers have used an antiquated system to try to get their books read. I've created a system that marries my favourite modern digital marketing methods with the unique needs of the romance industry.

Want to get started on building your forever marketing strategy? Here are five things you can do to get started.

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My Top Five Tips For Building Your Romance Writing Business

You're an accomplished writer. You don't need the bullshit of losing time inside the rabbit hole that is Facebook. You're tired of diving into Pinterest and not coming up for air for days, and you're ready to sell your books to more than just friends and family.

I'm a digital marketing coach, and I've coached over one thousand entrepreneurs along their path to success and I'm a contemporary romance writer. I've combined these skills to create a unique coaching business, specifically designed to help romance writers create rabid fan bases who snap up all of your work! I get tons of questions about marketing each day, but I've compiled my favourite five tips to help get you started marketing your latest release, and growing a business so you can have more time to do you!

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