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Why A Website Is Essential To Sell Books In 2019

For the most part, we’re all aware that if you don’t currently have a website, you’re going to fall behind. (Psst, talking to you in the back, the one without a website. Don’t skulk away, you know you need one!) One of the first things I always advise new clients when starting their business is not to just register with the government, but get their preferred domain purchased. Even if you’re not going to build a website immediately, grab it. And then, get that website built.

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When Writer's Block Meets Burnout

I’ve got a huge secret. The last time I completed a book was summer of 2018 and I haven’t been proud of anything I’ve written since. And it took a LOT to be proud of that book to start with. I started writing in the winter of 2014 and instantly knew I’d finally found the one thing I could do well, that I loved to do. I wrote morning, noon and night. I entered contests, I networked, I sprinted, I late night and early morning wrote.

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I'm Not A Perfect Mom....I Just Play One On Social Media

Hands up if you're a social media junky?  My hand is up, straight up and waving.  I freaking love social media and all it can do for me both personally and professionally.  I manage my personal page and four business pages.  I use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, TripAdvisor and GooglePlus.  So, yup, I totally have a problem, but that's an entirely other post.

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