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Top 5 SEO Tips For Your Website

It's 2019. Just in case you are still writing 2018 on your cheques. Wait, do people still write cheques? I might be alone on that one. Wellll, one thing I know almost all people do is use the internet. Actually, 4 BILLION people use the internet EACH DAY. And what do you want to bet, a whole pile of them are searching for their next read? Search Engine Optimization has got to be your new best friend!

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How To Write Your First Blog Post...For ANY Business

Okay, so, I'm a writer and as a writer, I find, well, writing, easy. But I recognize not everyone shares my feelings on this. I meet with hundreds of clients a year and as I'm advising them on their digital growth strategy, inevitably, one of my first questions is, are you able to add a blog to your website?

My answer is, always, 100%, yes! Anyone can write a blog, and I've compiled some steps you can take to get started!

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