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Five Steps To Digitally Grow Any Business

Okay, so, I've helped around 800 clients either start or pivot their businesses and if there's one common theme, it's that they're woefully unprepared in the digital realm. Sure, they've got a Facebook page, or possibly an Instagram page, but there message is always, digital isn't their priority. And my message back is simply, then any effort you're making to move the needle will be in vain.

It might be a harsh reality check, but I firmly believe it to be true. Websites are easier than ever before to create on a shoestring, social media offers incredibly affordable and targeted advertising opportunities and the majority of information is found on our mobile devices. If you're not willing to devise a digital strategy, you're business is simply going to be left behind.

I've compiled the top five steps you can take to get started in the digital arena. The sky's the limit to how far you can grow online, so these are just some basic starters. For more ideas and information, head to our blog,

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Top Five Steps To Grow Your Blog & Business With Pinterest

For the longest time, I used Pinterest to save recipes, outfits and find cool places to travel. Inside the same profile, I displayed my vision boards for my six novels and gained a decent amount of followers without really trying.

Fast forward a couple of years and I had an awakening. What if I started using Pinterest for Business with only my business in mind? What if I thought of Pinterest as a search engine, where clients went to solve their problems, instead of a social media surfing platform. I consumed as much content on this subject as I could and went to work overhauling my Pinterest account and added two more accounts for my other two businesses. Here's what I did.

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My Top Five FREE Content Creation Tools

Hey! I'm all about the FREE around here and nothing makes me happier than a free tool that actually helps me grow my business. So, without further ado, I bring to you, my favourite Top Five Tools I Use To Grow My Social Media Business.

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How To Create An Editorial Calendar For Your Facebook Page

I teach entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses on social media using FREE systems and tools. The workload to create free organic content that grows your business and lists, is significant. BUT, it's a game changer strategy and it's manageable...with an Editorial Calendar. Just throw yourself into it without a plan? You'll be throwing your money at Facebook ads and seeing minimal engagement and your bank account dwindle. Back away from the Power Editor (even though it is the coolest, most powerful advertising platform around) and first dive deep into creating a plan.

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Which Social Media Platform is Right For Your Business

Before you register with every social media platform out there to help you grow your business, please, just hit the pause button. Have you ever felt like you were spinning your wheels on social media? Posting without progress? Before you give up on the whole damn thing, let's break down a few questions you'll need to ask yourself before you post anything else on social media.

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