I'm Not A Perfect Mom....I Just Play One On Social Media

I'm Not a Perfect Mom...I Just Play One On Social Media

I'm Not a Perfect Mom...I Just Play One On Social Media

Hands up if you're a social media junky?  My hand is up, straight up and waving.  I freaking love social media and all it can do for me both personally and professionally.  I manage my personal page and four business pages.  I use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, TripAdvisor and GooglePlus.  So, yup, I totally have a problem, but that's an entirely other post.

Have you ever followed another woman, either a friend, celebrity or a brand, and thought, this woman has her shit together?  I wish my house was that amazing, or my kids were that perfect, or my hair looked perfect like hers?  I'm totally guilty.  Lock me up, throw me in judgey jail.  And I hate that I know better.

Lately, as I focus on growing my brand, I've been so very guilty of taking fifty selfies before I'm happy with the one I post.  Or, during my live broadcasts, I take longer to position myself than to interview my client who the broadcast is supposed to be for.  Over the weekend, I spent some time educating myself and reflecting on my social media content that consistently garners the most engagement.  They're always made up of a few key consistent elements.

  1. They have special guests of whom I relate to and talk to as if we're just hanging out on a normal girls day out expedition.
  2. I or my guests make total fools of ourselves or don't take ourselves seriously.
  3. The topic or client has something of value to share.
  4. I am completely authentic.

It's number four I'm here to talk to you about. Authentic marketing is a word that I hear used a lot lately. It's the concept that if we are our authentic selves, then we can better relate to our potential customers. But what happens when we bring that over into our personal lives? Can we really stick to the authenticity, or do we eventually revert back to what we want people to think we are?

Be honest, how many times have you examined everything about a friend's picture of herself or her kids, or pet except for the subject of the picture? Like, "Oh, I see she has all those dirty dishes still in the sink. Wow, it's ten a.m., what has she been doing all day?" Or, how about, "I swear I can see a little hunk of cellulite on her butt. Why does she think she can get away with wearing that bikini?" Or lastly, "My kid can totally do that, and then some. Who does she think she is?"

We're all guilty of the judgey, but we're also all guilty of trying to create the perfect life on social media. I'm making a huge effort to keep it real, much to the chagrin of my mother. My house is often messy, there's almost always dishes in the sink, and my kids are awesome at hockey and I'm super proud of them and our family doesn't live here, so that's the way we stay in touch. Deal with it.

The more I post with intent in my personal space, the more my authenticity shines through in my business space and that's something a friend, family member and client can appreciate and embrace. So, next time you're posting, creating Live content or just scrolling through, take a second to think, is this helping or hurting? Is this really me, or the version of me I think everyone needs to see in order to appreciate me and all my awesomeness!

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