Pinterest: Your Marketing Secret Weapon

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My inbox is filled up today with quiche recipes (Ew? Damn husband's keto recipe searches), tween room decor and pressure cooker ideas, (that one I'll totally cop to). And it makes me so freaking excited. What in the world does this have to do with marketing your novel? Oh, so very much. I'm about to start talking about my two very favourite marketing subjects. Pinterest and Emails.

Two things to take note of here.

1. This email I'm talking about? It was in my INBOX. Not my socials tab, not my promotions tab and definitely not my spam folder. And it came from Pinterest. Huge, right? When a promotional type email lands in your inbox, that's huge. And it means it's entirely possible. Here's why it landed there:

Consistency - it shows up daily and I open it. I open it because I both love Pinterest and I'm using Pinterest to grow my writing business this month hard core.

It has value - I open it because it has value to me. It's been curated and algorithmed to death, but it's delivering content to me I want to read.

Do you see the commonality between those two reasons? I'll help you out. I OPENED it. Email marketing gold. Think of this. You have a reader who also loves Pinterest. They're on there pinning wedding plans and romantic stuff. You have a board full of pins titled "Romantic Hairstyles". That comes up in her feed. She pins it. And then explores more of your boards. Now in her feed, she's finding your pins that you created, that lead to your books. That's a simplified explanation of how Pinterest works. She clicks on the pin of your book with the romantic hairstyle and romantic love story. It leads to your iBooks page (pssst. Interested in iBooks readers? They're all over Pinterest) she buys it and everything else you have.

Then, she starts getting these emails from Pinterest the same as I do, telling her about other boards that she might like, based on what she's pinning. And that my friends, is automated marketing at it's finest.

2. Pinterest. This is the not-a-social-media platform that writers and businesses overlook, time and time again. Let's break Pinterest down.

It's not a social media platform. It's a search engine, and the sooner you change your mindset on that one, the sooner you'll realize our readers are on Pinterest SEARCHING for things. You need to be something they find.

Pinterest is a direct route to your website or sales pages. You need a strategy to capture that reader's data. Lead them to your free short story on your website, where they trade their email for your story and then hit them up with your automated welcome sequence in your email provider.

Pinterest and Email Marketing are a match made in marketer's heaven. Throw in a beautiful website that captures both reader data and Facebook pixel data and it's all you need to really start to grow.

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