My month-long Instagram experiment. Week 1

It’s no secret I love Instagram. Almost as much as I love email, but still, when I wake up in the morning, IG is the first social app I open. This love, combined with Facebook’s current meltdown mode still in full force, I decided to create an exclusive IG/Email release strategy for my next book that arrives in September.

Over the next 4 weeks, I’ll be documenting the success and the failures and the ‘how in the world did that happens’ and you can follow along here, inside my blog. But in order to get an up close and in person look at the action, you should also follow me on Instagram and join the list. Click the appropriate button below to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

What is it?

I’ve invented a game called: This or That: Let’s Build The Ultimate Romance Novel. Simply put, I’m giving readers a series of options and once they choose, I write it down. When the experiment data collection part is over, I’ll write their story based entirely on their choices.

We’re choosing things like: beard or no beard, blonde or brunette, small town or big city, and on and on until we’re getting down to the micro-questions, like, freckles or none, vet or cop. These are for both the hero and heroine. We’ll also explore tropes, sub-themes and so much more.

At the end of it all there will be prizes and a story that will be delivered to the audience by October.

Objectives: Increase engagement on IG and gain followers. Sell backlist through the increase of the know, like and trust factor.

In between this or that questions, I’m going on a massive vacation and taking the readers with me where they’ll help me plan our itinerary and see the sights as I see them.

Overall, it’s going to be fun, entertaining and engaging.

How’s it going?

So far, only a couple of days in, the engagement is skyrocketing and it looks like everyone has an opinion. It’s going better than I ever expected, but we’re heading into a long weekend, where engagement should be low. Check back here next week where I’ll up date you.

What are the steps?

  1. I created a list of the this or that questions I wanted to get answered.

  2. I created 60 visuals inside of Canva so I could have multiple questions on some days.

  3. I created a highlight cover in Canva for my IG Stories where anyone can look back at the stories in the past for this project.

  4. I used to set up the posts for the week. With’s paid service, you can schedule stories and it’s incredibly handy for this type of a project.

  5. Every time someone voted, I DM’d them something fun about their vote to open up the dialogue. This step is key to creating access to the algorithm. Direct messenger is the current algo darling!

  6. I save every post to the highlight reel for this project.

  7. Have fun! IG stories are meant to entertain.

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Just for fun, here’s a screen shot of one of the first This or That questions: