Top Five Steps To Grow Your Blog & Business With Pinterest

For the longest time, I used Pinterest to save recipes, outfits and find cool places to travel. Inside the same profile, I displayed my vision boards for my six novels and gained a decent amount of followers without really trying.

Fast forward a couple of years and I had an awakening. What if I started using Pinterest for Business with only my business in mind? What if I thought of Pinterest as a search engine, where clients went to solve their problems, instead of a social media surfing platform. I consumed as much content on this subject as I could and went to work overhauling my Pinterest account and added two more accounts for my other two businesses. Here's what I did.


1) Switched to a business account. This one seems obvious, but it actually isn't. There isn't much difference between the two versions at first glance, but dig in a bit and it quickly becomes evident as to why you need to do this. Incredible analytics, rich pins, searchability and a lot more. The switch is simple, you can find the option in your profile settings tab.

2) Now that I had a business account, I needed a better description. A description that was full of keywords my potential clients would be using to find someone like me. A description that when someone landed on my profile, they could immediately uncover what problem I can help them solve. Make sure your description clearly spells out what it is you do, includes as many relevant key words as possible and a defined call to action. Here's one of my profiles below.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 8.23.40 PM.png

3) Create More Boards. Yup, I capitalized that one. And make sure those boards are relevant to what it is you are offering. You can still have the recipe boards, and the vacation boards, but make them secret if they don't seem relevant to your business. This business account is strictly for business.

Now, I like to have around 15 boards. Pertaining to the business above (my Facebook/Pinterest strategy business), my boards are things like, How To Use Facebook For Business, Entrepreneurship Quotes (quotes are a great driver of impressions), Blogging for Business, Pinterest for Business. My titles aren't fancy, but they are typical keyword searches my ideal client would use to find the solution to their problem.

So, 15 boards, with approximately 10 or more pins being added to them per day. I batch these, once per week and also use Board Booster to loop my pins, but that's a whole other blog post. It sounds daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Find some time either every day, or once per week. I mindlessly sit in front of the tv and start pinning. 80% other's content and 20% your own. As you gradually increase the amount of content you have to offer, that number can shift a little.

4) Speaking of your own content...Make sure you've verified your website and have it connected to your account. This way, people can pin your site and your Pinterest followers can find your site easily. You'll also get some great analytics of the traffic heading to your website. You'll also be able to apply for Rich Pins this way. Rich Pins are pins that contain considerably more information than regular pins for your followers.

5) The final piece to the Pinterest puzzle is your graphics. Make sure you graphic is sized correctly. I love using Canva for this purpose. They are pre-sized to fit perfectly into your Pinterest newsfeed and then they also stand out from the competition. Make sure your graphics stay on brand and contain a title that once again speaks to your audience and the problem you're solving with this post.

I also like to always include my website inside the graphic and a call to action if I have one that's applicable. Here's what I mean...

Driving in Ireland in tiny cars with a tall husband (4).png

As you can see, I'm also a travel blogger, educating clients on their travels to Ireland. I've got a title that's a common search for my ideal client, I've got my website along the bottom and my call to action to take my comprehensive course launching in January. And every post I put up that is Ireland related, looks the very same. It's creating a brand identity that eventually my followers will recognize.

Want to grow your web traffic by a "huge" amount? (It's a seriously ridiculous amount so putting it into a percentage just looks nuts.) Get started with our FREE Pinterest Webinar. So many business owners discount Pinterest, but once you change your mindset and come at it as a search engine with beautiful images, your strategy for growth will take off!