How To Use Facebook Live To Grow Your Business

You know you need it, you know it's the new favourite kid of Facebook, you know it's key to growing your business's reach on social media, but you're digging in your heels. It's the dreaded Facebook Live. No more excuses, feel the fear and start. I've got the tool you'll need, you've got the passion for your product, so let's dive in.

Step One - Preparation

Nothing in business is going to work if you're not prepared, so let's get you ready for Facebook Live. You're going to need only one thing at the most basic level, a device to record your live on. That can be a smart phone, a laptop, a desk top, a web cam, whatever. It's easier than ever to get Live. What I don't want you to worry about is the quality, of both the production and the content. That will come as you get more comfortable with what works and what doesn't. Read on to see what content converts during Live Broadcasts so you can prepare for what you're going to talk about!

Step Two - Equipment Options

See above. No, really, a smart phone or recording device is all you really need. However, if you want to go next level, give these a try.

Microphone - use either a lapel mic or a stationary mic depending on your method and where you're recording. If you're recording sitting at a desk, an inexpensive mic, like the Blue Snowball that plug into your USB drive on your computer are great. You can get these on Amazon, often for less than $100. Lapel mics can run a little bit more but are worth it if you're broadcasting in noisy locations or outside.

Lighting - I drag floor lamps and table lamps just off camera when I'm broadcasting from a desk or a stationary location. Between those and the sun, I'm usually well lit. I also use a selfie ring light that clips onto my phone for mobile use. If you're looking to next level it here, try Amazon again for a light box light or a large ring light, but these are certainly not necessary.

That's kind of it and the beauty of this format. Low cost of entry and totally portable. Of course, there are a few gadgets out there that you can upgrade to if you want to get fancy and do some on the fly editing and stream in HD, like the Mevo camera, but these are totally not necessary. Find out more about equipment in my FREE course, How To Grow Your Business With Facebook Live 

Step Three - Creating Content That Converts

Easier said than done, right? Let's take a quick look at some types of content that convert better in the live broadcasting format.

  • tips and tricks
  • top five or top ten of something
  • "my favourite..."
  • interviews
  • FAQs
  • how to's
  • live demos
  • unlimited potential

Step Four - Post Production

This is one a lot of people skip and it's the second most important step, after just actually going live. Finish your live, post it to your page and then click the three little dots in the upper right hand corner, then click edit post.

Next you'll see a screen that looks like this...

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 8.57.11 PM.png

Let's break this one down. At the top, by my profile pic, this is the description. Make this area as robust as you can and include multiple SEO keywords. Really outline what it is that your client will be seeing inside the live and use keywords they would be using to search out this type of info online. Also use this area to tag people, companies and your other pages. 

The title is just that, your title, but make it SEO rich as well. Include keywords inside your title.

Tags - this is the best part about the post production process. These tags, and you can have up to eight of them, are indicators to the Facebook algorithm of where they are going to give your live a push. Insert influencers, interests, locations and more. Try out as many as you can. Some will work and some will not, just test out your options.

It's also cool to note that you can choose your thumbnail inside the picture feature. They will give you 10 or 11 thumbnails to choose from and you can upload a custom thumbnail if you can't find anything you like inside their clips.

Finally, insert captions, either from Facebook's caption generator or your own file. 75% of Facebook users watch video content on Facebook without the sound on, so having captions is critical.

Step Five - Just Go Live!

That's it. Now it's your turn to dive in. Just hit live and give it a try. Try it for thirty seconds, one minute, three minutes, whatever you want. It's totally nerve wracking, I get it, but you'll soon see you start to enjoy it. Don't be worried if you're talking to yourself or your mom, LOL, eventually with consistent times and dates and quality content, you'll get that audience. Then add in the post production tips, and your reach will start to stretch!

Try letting your newsletter list know when you're going live and stick to that time and day. Then let your page know five to ten minutes ahead of time to try to nab a few extra interested clients. It's not that no one wants to watch, it's that life gets busy and people either forget or they just can't make it. Always post to your page so the late comers can join in!

I can't wait to see your live and for a complete tutorial, check out my FREE course, Building Your Business With Facebook Live. The link is below!


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