How To Create An Editorial Calendar For Your Facebook Page

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I teach entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses on social media using FREE systems and tools. The workload to create free organic content that grows your business and lists, is significant. BUT, it's a game changer strategy and it's manageable...with an Editorial Calendar. Just throw yourself into it without a plan? You'll be throwing your money at Facebook ads and seeing minimal engagement and your bank account dwindle. Back away from the Power Editor (even though it is the coolest, most powerful advertising platform around) and first dive deep into creating a plan.

I HATE planning. Noticed what I did there? I hate it so much I capitalized that word. But, I had spent six months with an amazing product and no one picking it up. I needed to make a change and when I started to plan out my content, crazy stuff started to happen. Like, actual clients...I know! Paying clients!

Here's How It Shook Down

I decided to eliminate my social media posts to ONLY Facebook (That's not entirely true, I do post on Instagram occasionally just to see what happens). This is key to not spinning your wheels. Then, I did some research into when "my people" were using Facebook and tons of other audience insight info (To find this stuff out, head to your Ads Manager, click the "hamburger" beside Facebook Adverts, then All Tools, then Audience Insights)(I've got a whole video devoted to this in my next course, Growing Your Business With Facebook...Without Spending a Dime!) and I created a one month plan, or editorial calendar, for my posts.

Here's what one week looked like.

Sunday - create ALL posts - write blog on pre-chosen topic/create how to video/create short, snack style video/create GIF/create graphic/go Live Friday - all of these posts have the common theme taken from my Tuesday blog post. Then schedule in Publishing Tools for the week ahead.

Monday - finish up above content

Tuesday - post blog

Wednesday - post snack size video - this is the term that Sheryl Sandberg uses for the most favourable algorithm content right now

Thursday - post how to video

Friday - go Live talking about Blog topic/post graphic

Saturday - post GIF

That's it. The following week, it's the exact same, different topic. I also do not post anything Sunday or Monday - they are dead days on Facebook.


I teach entrepreneurs to use social to start up, so here are a few examples of my weekly content themes. Actually, I'll back it up. I start with a monthly theme, then break it down. It goes something like this.

September - Facebook (algorithm change topics)

Week 1 - editorial content (LOL) with one post talking about FREE video challenge starting Sept 11

Week 2 - video - also run video challenge at the same time/start talking about signature Facebook course coming in Week 4

Week 3 - Facebook Live - Live all week long and also begin to mention Facebook Live mini-course

Week 4 - Launch September version of Signature course and highlight a free tool to help your organic reach each day on FB Business page

Companion piece - Tuesday blog highlight in e-blast as well as Pro Tips Tuesday

Pinterest - post blog

October - Pinterest

And so on, and so on, and so on...

Give this a real try. Why not a month. You're welcome to join my private Facebook Group where we're all trying to stick to an editorial calendar and there's safety in numbers, right? Oh, and accountability. Comment below with your commitment to giving an editorial calendar a solid four week trial period and then come back and tell me how it went! If you follow this format, you'll find two things will happen.

First, you will be less stressed throughout the week trying to think about what you're going to post on Facebook (remember, you need to post at least once per day to stay in the algorithms.)(oh and you need to be posting video content too - Join my FREE email video challenge HERE - we start upping your Facebook Video Game on September 11th!)

Second, you'll slowly start to see your reach streeeeeetch, until one day, it pops and as long as you're posting quality, consistent content that reaches and speaks to your Ideal Customer , you'll start to see conversions happen, and that's where the magic is!

Want to create your own Editorial Calendar? Grab my FREE downloadable template!