Five Steps To Social Media Growth For Romance Writers

A lot of my clients ask me, "How do I get more followers on social media?” and “What do I have to do to build a bigger audience?” You asked, I deliver. Read on to learn my five-step process to creating engaging content and speaking to your target audience.

1. Choose a platform to focus on where you feel that your time gains you the most impact.

This step is often the hardest for writers, or any personal brands. We all feel that we need to be on all platforms in order to not miss out on reaching readers, but the opposite couldn’t be more true. Think about your own social habits and the brands you love. Ultimately, there’s one platform they do better than all of the others. A couple of things have happened to get them there. First, they understand their reader and know which platform they typically gravitate to. For example, if you’re a YA or NA reader, Facebook isn’t the place for you. And secondly, they know that winning at one platform takes focused, consistent efforts. Unless you have a large team, this means choosing one platform and mastering it.

2. Look back at the data/insights from that platform.

Where did you see great peaks? Take note of what you did for that post and others where you had peak activity from a post and repeat the same type of content over and over again. Take note of things like hashtags, imagery, video, copy, days of the week, all that good stuff. You’ll quickly uncover the types of content your readers respond to and be able to create more just like it. Please, do me a favour: Do not ignore the data. It doesn’t lie!

3. Create a plan.

This critical piece doesn't have to be highly technical, it just has to get out of your head and onto a piece of paper, real or virtual. I simply use a blank Google calendar, print it out and plan out my posts. I look at monthly themes, and plan out releases, promos and tropes. Creating and executing this plan leads to more time to write and less overwhelm. The plan allows me to schedule all posts, create posts with ease as I’m not stressed out trying to figure out what I’m going to post on the day of and in turn, creates a consistent, engaging presence on social media.

4. Get consistent and be patient.

Focus on this one singular platform and show up daily for a lengthy amount of time. Experiment, plan, implement, and look at the data to adjust. The algorithm rewards brands that post consistently engaging content. But, be patient. When you’re moving organically, not spending any money on amplifying posts or running ads, things take time. However, you get a much more engaged reader when you take your time.

5. Lose the fear.

This one is the hardest, but it is proven! When we ask our readers what it is they love most about the books they read, what do they sasy? The authors behind them. We should all be playing the long game: building our backlist, creating legions of fans who snap up said backlist once they discover they love our books, and pre-order anything we release without question. It's normal to be afraid of being vulnerable. But put yourself in your reader's shoes. Imagine your favourite authors showing up on social media and turning out to be just like you. I know for me, I get super excited and more attached to the author that shows me their home life, their favorite beverage, or their travels. I love that I can peek into their lives via Instagram Stories. I would swear we were best besties just from following their stories alone! I don’t want to hear you tell me your life is boring. For goodness sake, you’ve written a book, or are in the process of writing a book. That alone makes you interesting! So, be brave and create the type of content you love to consume.

Well, there you have my five steps to social media growth for romance writers. I hope this helped you in your efforts! Stay tuned for next week’s post where I break down the best social media methods to tell your story that are algorithm and fan favourites!

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