Emails That Sell Romance Novels & Create Stark Raving Loyal Readers - Part 1 of 3


Stop right there. I know you’re rolling your eyes. Email marketing is dead, you’re thinking. No one reads emails anymore, right? Wrong. So, very wrong. Hang out with me for a few minutes and I’m hoping to convince you that email marketing is ALLLLLL the things!

What with Facebook enduring the meltdown of all meltdowns and brands gaining nearly zero traction from social media, it's time for everyone to remember that email marketing never really went away. Here are four reasons you need to get your email strategy back out of the closet and into the inbox of a reader near you. This is a three part series. Please enjoy Part 1.


1)    Email marketing is in fact alive and well…and blowing it’s direct marketing competitors out of the water!

Mailchimp has just completed a study that showed 60% of millennials and the generation coming up beneath them (Generation Z) PREFER brands target them via email, as long as the email provides value and is customized to fit their needs!

So, if you’re an author writing for these age brackets, what are you waiting for? And if you’re an author targeting readers of an older age, you’re already recognizing that email works better than any other method of communication.

2)    Email marketing isn’t spammy. It certainly can be, when done wrong, but there is no reason it has to be. Even daily email marketing strategies can be delivered in a non-spammy way. Here are some tips to creating a non-spammy, yet frequent and consistent email marketing presence.

a.     Always create your emails with the end user in mind. Poll them frequently to see what it is they want from you. For us authors, our readers aren’t just looking for pre-order and buy links. They’re looking for stories, insights into our author lives, exciting hero and heroine stories, recipes and on and on. Check out part two of this blog series for some great examples of emails that convert!

b.     Show up in your reader’s inbox consistently. If you say you’re doing once per month, show up once per month. If you say bi-weekly, show up bi-weekly. You create the expectations your reader has and keep showing up. Don’t date someone, and then never call them back. It’s take a long time to get them to trust you again!

c.     Overdeliver value. Pack your emails in with something useful, fun and entertaining.


3)    The conversion rate simple cannot be beat. For the arts & entertainment industry (that’s us!) the average open rate in 2018 is 54-56%, depending on the device being used. (Constant Contact) The average click to open rate is 18.76%. (Smart Insights 2018) Compare that with Facebook open rates of often less than 2% and there is no comparison. Emails sell shit. There’s no question.

4)    Automation creates relationships, which create the essential know, like and trust factor. People buy from people they know, like and trust. As authors, we can’t just throw up a cover and sell links on our social channels and expect the masses to buy. We need to nurture our readers along the path to knowing us and trusting that what we deliver them is what they expect to get.

Email marketing offers authors a simple way to do this, without having to consistently attend to the tech side. What does that mean? Automation. If your email service provider isn’t offering automation as part of their services, then you need to consider switching. In 2018, automation will become the key driver of conversions (revenue-cash-dollars in your bank).

An automation sequence can move your reader along your pre-set pathway with the end result being sales. Automation set-up delivers something that looks like this.

 Welcome Email

Delivery of Lead Magnet (sample, free book, etc)

1 Week later – delivery of reminder to read the sample or free book

2 Weeks after that – deliver of your back-list links

It’s a complete set it and forget it kind of experience and once you get it set up, and it works like magic. It takes some trial and error getting it set up, but once it does, your lead magnets can deliver like a well-oiled marketing machine!

Stay tuned for next week’s instalment where we talk about what to put inside your emails to make them work harder for you!

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