How To Create a Cover Photo in Facebook that Converts

Hey there. So, are you one of those people completely fed up with your business page on Facebook? But also completely unsure of what the heck is happening over on Instagram, so staying far away from that mess? I beg you not to give up on your Facebook page. I've got a new series over the next couple of months that will breathe new life into your page and increase your conversions. Stick with me and we'll get you totally sorted out and LOVING Facebook as much as I do. It's hands down, my go to platform.

Today, we're talking cover photos. Here are my top five tips for creating a cover photo that converts.

1.  Before you even start creating, know your audience and what it is you are doing for them. Only then can you create a brand palette and style that speaks to them. Remember, decisions are ruled by emotions for the most part. Make your cover photo a real relationship builder. Easier said than done, right?

2. Keep it simple, professional and clean. Do not clutter up your photo with endless text. It's confusing to the client. Here are some examples of cover photos that I love.

Wayfair Canada - Simple, zero text, yet creates a strong buying emotion and they are conscious of their selling season. This screams let's get ready for fall!

Winners. - Also, zero text, great colours and jumping into that back to school season.

And this is one of my favs, Mari Smith. This cover photo doesn't look like much...but that's because it's one of the few using VIDEO. This is just a screen shot of her incredible video cover photo. Considering she's the queen of Facebook for business, this isn't surprising. If you dare, I'd love to see you give this medium a try!

3. Optimize it. What the heck does that mean? It means, that when I click on your cover photo, it will expand and to the right, offer you, the owner, some real estate to outline a call to action, directive or something else entirely. Here's what I mean:

This is my cover photo. See how to the right, I've got a description of my services and two calls to action? This is valuable, free, real estate Facebook is giving you. You should be using it to its fullest potential.

4. Use Canva to create your photo. If you haven't used Canva before, you should familiarize yourself with it. It's a free graphic design tool and it's my best friend. One thing I love most about Canva is that it offers each platform, pre-measured templates. Take a look:

This is only a small sample, but simply chose your design and it will format it to the perfect size. Check them out at 

5. Stay brand consistent. Make sure your cover photo reflects your brand, compliments your profile picture (stay tuned for profile picture 101 - that's on next week's Facebook Friday blog) and it makes perfect sense to your client. Don't put personal photos in here, unless they are part of your brand identity and try to stay away from complete departures from your usual identity.

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