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Facebook Update For Authors - June 2019

Imagine my lack of surprise when today, I had an urgent message from a trusted source to hop on a webinar that was being conducted to hear all about the 'next' Facebook change for business. This is a quick email. Just wanted to let you know that the term 'organic reach' is about to become one that people whisper in polite conversation. Here's the word from Facebook.

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My Favourite Storytelling Methods For Social Media

Okay, so by now, you know that as writers looking to use social media to grow our reader base, we need to become great story-tellers of our own stories. You know why, so now we’re diving into the how. Here are my favourite types of content you can create to build that crucial relationship with your readers.

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How Building Relationships Is The Ultimate Sales Strategy

You've released a few books, or perhaps you’re a mid-list writer who’s wondering if there’s more to this writing gig than applying for BookBubs. You haven’t seen the increase or sales you’ve been used to and are re-considering your decision to give this “writing thing” a go. Or maybe you’re seeing moderate progress, but you need to find the one thing that will propel you to the next level of success.

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The One Thing You Need To Do On Social To Grow Your Reader Base

You’re a master at weaving stories. You understand that making people care about the lives of heroes and heroines is key to selling your readers on a plot, and if it’s in a series, purchasing the remainder of the series after they finish the first book. So, then, tell me: Why are you resistant to tell our own story?

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Top Five Ways to Use Facebook's Power Editor

ton of money into Facebook advertising with zero plans. None. Nada. And what did I get from these ads? You guessed it. Not a single sale. So, it took a while, but, lesson learned.

I'm here to tell you I've been converted. I lost faith in Facebook's ability to grow my business with paid content, but I found my way back and now I'm here to show you the path I took to redemption. Enough of the religious metaphors, let's dive into my Top Five Facebook Power Editor "uses" we'll call them.

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