How To Uncover Your Brand Personality?

What's Your Brand Personality

Nothing in my marketing world ever starts without clarity.  In order to successfully create a great marketing strategy, you need to be clear on your brand's personality and keep that personality consistent throughout your entire marketing campaign.  From your website, to your social media channels, to your elevator pitch to your store front if you have one, every touch point must have a clear communication of your brand's personality.

Wondering how to get this accomplished?  Start with three simple words.  Well, actually start with a ton of words, but you're going to end up with only three.  Write down any word that comes to mind that can describe your brand.  Try to think of words like, happy, colourful, peaceful, whatever, just make them emit your personality.  Its inevitable that your personality is going to bleed over into your brand, so dig deep and come up with as many words as you can.

Then, head into your list and pull out three words that resonate within you.  You'll know them when you find them.  They'll make you smile, make you nod your head, and suddenly, give you clarity.  You now have three words that will be the foundation to all your marketing projects to come.

What are your three brand keywords?  Comment below, I'd love to know your strategy surrounding them!  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on what you can now do with these three incredibly powerful words!