Email marketing services for small business.

Newsletter creation made easy


Are you tired of your social media reach shrinking with every post you painstakingly create? Wondering how to communicate and build relationships with your clients in a way that doesn’t break the bank AND gives you a great return on that time investment? Email Marketing is enjoying a resurgence in both the Millennial and Gen Y & Z market. Let us show you how to access this proven marketing method.

Stop spending time trying to do ‘all the things’. We specialize in building email systems for small business that both retain loyal customers and attract new clients!


We can be as hands off as you like so you retain your brand voice, while we work diligently behind the scenes to create a custom service for your business. Or we can dive in and build a newsletter sequence that is automated and performs for you while you grab some much needed rest. We’ve worked with brick and mortars, online and hybrid businesses and can teach you how to capture your audience with your brand story delivered via newsletters.

Our services 

*Need something a little more custom? We can create it! Ask us for more info!*

Welcome Sequence Construction - are you leveraging your newsletter sign-up process? We’ll build you a high-converting 4 email sequence that scales your per client revenue and creates loyal, brand loving clients for life!

$250 CAD - 4 emails created and automated in the email service provider of your choice.

Newsletter development and creation - up to 4 emails sent per month. You create the copy, we’ll do the rest! (Includes image insertion, live links, design and segmentation)

$300 CAD/month - up to 4 emails created and scheduled in the email service provider of your choice.

Segmenting and Organizing Your List - Did you know that segmenting your list can increase your revenue? Direct news in a custom manner to specific interests of those on your list.

$250 CAD - Unlimited segments and tags created to build a custom experience for your customers.

All-inclusive service - combine all of the above services

$600 CAD for month 1, then $300/month for email management thereafter.

Private Coaching Services: $200/hour

transform your newsletter into revenue today!


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