Email Marketing Magic

Lately you’re so busy writing, or posting on socials, or just trying to find the time to write that you’ve been pushing list building and email marketing to the side and only sporadically getting in touch with your readers. Facebook is driving you nuts and you’re just trying to figure out Instagram and you’re looking for a marketing method that ACTUALLY works!

Did you know email marketing gives you 20X the amount of opportunities to get your reader’s attention? And that’s on average. But you? You’re not average. Let me show you how to create an email strategy that creates legions of loyal readers, ready to buy everything you’re writing.


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This challenge is quick and is delivered directly to your inbox. Who has time for extra work? Here’s how it works:

1) Click the button below to move through the registration process.

2) Make sure you receive your welcome email so you can join the Facebook group for any questions you might have.

3) Get ready to receive your 4 emails. Emails are delivered Monday/Wednesday/Thursday and Friday, every morning at approximately 7:00 am EST.

4) Complete the challenge and check in with your challenge leader.

5) Watch your email list grow and have fun entertaining your readers!

Okay, all set? Let’s get going!