5 Tricks To Help Your Dog And Cat Get Along

what dogs get along with cats

If you’ve got a dog and a cat, you’ll know that getting them to get along can be a challenge. Dogs and cats have different personalities, which means that they often want different things from the world around them. Because of this, it’s important for pet parents to set rules for their pets so that everyone can get along happily in the household—and these are my top five tips for making sure your cat and dog get along:

Establish separate territories

Cats are territorial creatures, and they need space to be themselves. They also need their own beds, food dishes, toys and play areas. If your cats live in a home with dogs, designate one room as the cat’s territory by closing off the door behind them when you’re not around. Your dog will learn quickly that this is his space alone—and even if he makes mistakes at first (like peeing on your bed), it’ll only take a few corrections before he gets the message that this is not his place to mess up.

Use treat-based training

Treat-based training is a great way to help your dog and cat get along. It can be used to train your dog, reward good behavior, get their attention and teach them basic commands like sit or stay. And it’s also great for getting them both on the same page when trying to get something done!

Let your cat be the boss

In order to get a cat and dog to cohabitate, you need to understand your role in the relationship. Cats are naturally more dominant than dogs. They’re also not interested in being friends with dogs. They’re not looking for a playmate or someone who’ll go on walks with them, so if that’s what you’re hoping for when getting a cat and dog together, then you’re going about it all wrong!

Let your cat set the pace for interactions

Cats are more independent than dogs and need to be able to do their own thing. While it’s important for cat owners to keep their pets safe, they also need to give the cat space. If you want your cat and dog to get along, you’ll have to let them set the pace of their interactions.

Set rules for your dog

It is important to set rules for your dog and stick to them. If you let the dog get away with bad behavior, it’ll continue. The cat needs to know that they are in charge of its own food and toys, and the dog needs to learn how he should act around the cat.

We’ve talked about some of the ways you can help your dog and cat get along. Keeping them separate is one way, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way for them to share space together. Not every dog breed gets along with cats. So, before you even put the two together under one roof, make sure that you learn what dogs get along with cats. Vetster’s experts recommend, “Learn about the dog breed’s characteristics before deciding if they will be able to get along with cats or not.”

There are also ways to make sure your pets have fun playing together without getting into a fight. And when it comes down to it, keeping everyone happy may be as simple as making sure they each have their own toys!