Philips Universal Remote Codes

Philips universal remote codes

The cool Philips universal remote controls may be set up to control practically any television, DVD player, Blu-ray player, set-top box, or cable box. Although the setup procedure varies depending on each distinct model, the essential idea is the same. Then you’ll enter the brand code for your particular gadget and test the buttons to see if they function by holding them down until a light starts to blink.

Philips Universal Remote Codes 

Using Philips universal remote codes that are appropriate for your brand but created for a different model is the most frequent error. Don’t worry if you accidentally enter the incorrect code; you can easily try again with a different code for the same brand.

Brand Codes
ABEX 0120
ADMIRAL 0603, 0224, 0701
ADVENT 0219, 0893
AIKO 0407
AIWA 0121, 0221, 0324, 0528
AMARK 0603
AKAI 0112, 0801, 0309, 0027

How to Program Philips Universal Remote Codes

Step 1: Verify that your gadget is compatible with the Philips remote. The vast majority of televisions, DVD players, Blu-ray players, and cable boxes may be controlled by your Philips universal remote. Some prominent brands won’t function, even though the vast majority of them are. To check if the remote is compatible with your device, look in the handbook or online.

  • After being synchronized with more than three devices, universal remote controls normally delete their memory settings. If you want to utilize more than three devices, you might want to consider purchasing two different remotes.
  • The remote’s instruction manual will include a list of compatible brands. Several Philips universal remote codes will be listed in the document.

Step 2: The device you want to sync the remote with should be turned on. Plug it in and turn it on, whether it’s a TV, DVD player, or other gadget. Allow it to start up and turn all of its components on for a few minutes. During the entire programming procedure, the device you are using to sync the remote must be on. Before you begin the installation procedure.

  • Make sure your universal remote has batteries. They normally don’t come with them, but since they run on AA batteries, fixing them shouldn’t be too difficult.

Step 3: Using an older remote? Press and hold the “setup” button. Check your remote to see whether the top left corner has a setup button. Leave this step out if there isn’t. You have a remote control that is a little bit older if there is one. Select “Setup” on your remote and point it at your device. Hold it down for five seconds. Release the setup button when the red LED light towards the top starts to glow.

  • While the majority of the older remotes use red lights, the LED light may be blue.

Step 4: The blue or red LED will turn on after 5 seconds of holding the device’s button down. The devices that your remote might sync with are listed in a row of buttons at the top. The usual choices are TV, DVDs, and DVRs. Select the device you’re setting up and press the corresponding button. Release the button whenever the top LED light starts to glow blue or red.

If your remote control is older, don’t wait for the light to turn on before pressing the button. It might blink or it might not. Simply keep it depressed for 5 seconds to continue the program.