Kuo: Apple is “aggressively” testing vapor chamber thermal systems to cool its upcoming iPhones (Mikey Campbell/AppleInsider)

    Mikey Campbell / AppleInsider:Kuo: Apple is aggressively testing vapor chamber thermal systems to cool its upcoming iPhonesNoted TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a report on Friday said recent industry surveys indicate Apple is aggressively testing vapor chamber thermal systems for use in iPhone

    Ming-Chi Kuo:

    Ming-Chi Kuo is a distinguished Apple expert, with over 10 years of experience reporting on Apple with data from the supply chain. Much of what we learn more about upcoming products, hold-ups, and also potential price points are derived from Kuo’s records.

    Ming-Chi Kuo has actually been a trusted resource of solid data on Apple products for many years. Despite Tim Chef firmly insisting that supply-chain-sourced information is a dreadful method to make forecasts, Kuo’s record is very high.

    Kuo’s strengths as a leaker are device-specific information as well as specs. These can in some cases include finer factors like color, dimension, chipsets, as well as ports. Tool names as well as launch dates are frequently made a decision too late in manufacturing to be forecasted precisely. His precision is traditionally solid, with some records concerning fruition years after his predictions.

    Ming-Chi Kuo not just uses gotten data to predict future Apple products however supplies support for just how well an item might offer. He gets to these numbers based upon quantities of part orders, then obtains what they anticipate to offer based upon previous supply chain stock records.

    These reports can be precise, however as Apple’s supply chain is extremely diverse, understanding one item component order does not constantly supply the maximum photo.

    Ming-Chi Kuo’s Item Predictions:

    Apple didn’t eliminate the Lightning port in the apple iphone 13 or iPhone 14 as early predictions suggested. Apple is now rumored to move to USB-C in the iPhone 15, which schedules in 2023.

    Kuo was amongst the very first to forecast that the iPhone 14 Pro would have a 48MP video camera sensing unit. He has a strong document for hardware-related leaks.

    The upcoming apple iphone 15 had actually been reported to feature an under-display Touch ID sensing unit, but Kuo has actually given that drawn back on that prediction. It is likewise anticipated to make use of a periscope, or folding, lense for boosted optical zoom.

    ” apple iphone Layer” could introduce in 2024 or later with an 8-inch QHD display screen. Kuo anticipates collapsible apples iphone to drive the following super cycle.

    ” Apple Glass” as well as virtual reality:

    Before the Jon Prosser leak surrounding “Apple Glass” and its launch, Kuo was reporting on the technology. There are 2 distinct tools. One is an AR or mixed-reality headset that sustains both virtual reality as well as AR. The other is a collection of glasses, or “Apple Glass.”

    The information surrounding the tool match with even more recent rumors. Ming-Chi Kuo kept in mind that the gadget will count greatly on the iPhone, similar to the Apple Watch did initially. These details have since been affirmed by other leakages, with only the release date still concerned.

    A report in May 2021 disclosed that the Apple AR glasses wouldn’t show up till 2022, which was disputed by Prosser, that expected them by the end of 2021. Kuo thinks an AR gadget will launch in 2021 yet did not specify if it was “Apple Glass” or a reported headset.

    Kuo later stated the virtual reality headset would certainly show up in 2022 at a $1,000 cost point. The “Apple Glass” would then later launch sometime in 2025 and a contact lens gadget might come as soon as 2030.

    The VR headset is expected to have 15 cams for setting and things tracking. It will likewise feature a passthrough setting that allows users see the environment around them. Kuo specified in a December 2021 report that the headset will evaluate much less than an extra pound.

    Released items in 2022

    The Apple Watch Collection 8 with temperature noticing, the Apple Watch Ultra with a rugged style, and an apple iphone 14 Pro with a 48 MP camera were all anticipated with extremely precise reports from Ming-Chi Kuo throughout the 2021-2022 rumor cycle.

    Kuo remains to be just one of one of the most exact sources of beta details derived from Apple’s supply chain. Just Mark Gurman from Bloomberg can declare ahead close.

    Ming-Chi Kuo’s History:

    Ming-Chi Kuo has been a widely known Apple expert for the past decade. His career first entered into the limelight while operating at Digitimes, stating ship windows of unreleased apple iphone 4 versions. He went to work for Concord Stocks in 2011, after that KGI Stocks in 2013.

    There he spent the better part of a decade going far for himself in the Apple rumors field. When Mark Gurman didn’t have insider info, Kuo normally did. Between the two of them, much of Apple’s news were recognized well before being revealed.

    Kuo left KGI in 2018 to join with Chinese firm TF International. He still works there today as well as remains to give extremely exact records and analyses of Apple as well as its strategies.

    Timeline of Records

    The following is a timeline of every relevant report from Ming-Chi Kuo forecasting a new product or feature. Most forecasts relate to whatever the next iPhone will certainly be, yet have actually broadened to include nearly every Apple item throughout his profession.

    Item names like “apple iphone X” or “Pro Display XDR” were not known until really close to the announcement, so for simplicity’s sake, the correct product name will certainly be described in quotes.

    Ming-Chi Kuo ended up being highly energetic on Twitter sharing numerous predictions as well as suggestions throughout 2022. Many restated previous forecasts or appeared to be straight-up guesses.

    Kuo’s task on social media sites versus his notes from TF International blurred in a way that made dividing his real leaks backed by information from guesswork more difficult.

    For now, Kuo’s timeline will only have historical information from 2021 and earlier.