5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads

Aside from SEO, email marketing, and organic social media, Facebook advertising can be pretty effective. Running targeted ads on a platform that billions of people visit every day will surely skyrocket the chances of reaching them and increase sales.

Unlike many other platforms, organic traffic on Facebook won’t do you much good. So, running ads is almost a necessity if you want to use the platform in your marketing strategy.

Here’s how Facebook ads can give you a huge marketing advantage and why you should use them.

Advanced Targeting Tools

Facebook allows you to show your ads to people who have the potential to buy your products and services. It lets you advertise to an audience based on their age, location, behavior, and interests.

Facebook advertising provides a wide range of targeting and retargeting options that give you a lot of flexibility when creating ads. You can choose the type of ads, budget, and target audience, in addition to customizing the ad campaign in order to reach your marketing goals.

Budget-Friendly Ad Campaigns

Facebook ads are a lot cheaper when compared to traditional advertising. The average cost per click (CPC) on Facebook is around $0.94, which is less than advertising on YouTube, Instagram, and even LinkedIn.

Facebook also provides two budget types: daily and lifetime. The daily budget is the average amount you’re willing to spend in a day on a campaign, while the lifetime budget is what you’re ready to spend during the entire campaign.

Multiple Forms of Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is necessary to build trust between your customers and maintain their interest in your products or services. But pictures and texts aren’t enough to engage customers in a profitable way. Customers these days require more personal engagement from sellers.

Facebook helps companies with this by providing multiple ways to engage with their audience. For example, you use post live videos to engage with the audience in real-time and use a Messenger bot to communicate effectively with more customers.

Comprehensive Reports and Analytics

Facebook offers you a lot of flexibility when it comes to tracking ad campaign progress and gives you access to data that can help you adjust however needed. They provide extensive reports and analytics on your ad campaign’s performance and let you view the following:

  • Social metrics
  • Conversion rate
  • Page likes
  • Post engagement
  • Weekly reach, etc.

With all of these small, trackable details, you can better adapt your plans and strategies according to what’s working best. Additionally, you can also use other social media analytic tools to completely track the impact of your ads.

Effective Remarketing Strategy

Facebook’s remarketing or retargeting tools are one of the most effective ways to reach visitors that have come in contact with your products or services in the past. These are the people that see a product on Facebook or the company’s site and move on without purchasing it.

Since the person showed little interest in the product, remarketing helps you show the same product to them again. It also gives you the option to make the purchase more enticing by lowering the price or giving a better offer, so it has more chances of converting the lead.